How Women Will Keep The Medical Marijuana Industry Going

How Women Will Keep The Medical Marijuana Industry Going

Women Keeping Medical Marijuana Going |

Woman smoking medical marijuana for wellness.

The spending power of women is undeniable. In fact, in the US, women are responsible for 70-80% of consumer spending and are the main influencer with their family and friends. And with the recent resurgence of the self-care movement, many women are turning to medical marijuana for their wellness needs.


Wellness And Women

It is expected that the legal marijuana industry will grow 150% by 2021 with female consumers being the main contributors to that growth. Medical marijuana is increasingly becoming the go-to relief provider for issues related to menstruation, menopause, and sex conditions. With items such as skin care, baked goods, and infused candies, women are consuming at higher rates and more discretely than in previous years. But women aren’t just concerned with the physical effects of marijuana. Now more than ever, women are looking to companies that reflect the values of social responsibility and environmental sustainability. And marijuana entrepreneurs are taking note.

Anna Duckworth and Kate Miller, cofounders of the women-centered marijuana magazine Miss Grass, agree with the shift females are making when it comes to medical marijuana. In an interview with Forbes magazine, they said “There is a big shift happening around how people take care of themselves,” Miller says. “Women, in particular, are really starting to invest in their health and understand how cannabis fits into that from fitness to food.”

Miss Grass focuses on normalizing marijuana use by providing educational information, lifestyle content, smoking etiquette, and opinion pieces relating to sex and wellness. Duckworth and Miller have been in the marijuana industry for years, but recently, more women are looking to break into the traditionally male-dominated industry.


Women Working With Weed

Female entrepreneurship has been steadily rising every decade since the times of the 1960’s. Women in the marijuana industry are not only not the exception, but marijuana businesses are quickly becoming the fastest growing female-lead businesses on the market. From infused bakers to marijuana-themed jewelry designers, there is no ignoring how powerful women in weed are becoming.

Maya Elisabeth is one of those women. As the CEO of Whoopi & Maya, and Om Edibles, her companies provide edibles for California medical marijuana patients. She credits her deep love of cannabis and learning about the many medical benefits while working in a dispensary after college as the reason she started her own line of medical marijuana for others.

After starting Whoopi & Maya (the medical marijuana company launched with noted marijuana enthusiast Whoopi Goldberg), Elisabeth noted that she felt with more research coming out, more people were taking her and her business more seriously. “It’s a fulfilling feeling to help people open their minds and understand the medicinal value of this plant.”

But as to recommending if other professional women should get into the marijuana industry, Elisabeth made it clear that it’s not a “get rich quick” type of industry.

“As long as they’re interested in getting into it for the right reasons. The people I encourage most are those who have a desire to help others and want to produce high-quality products. I also encourage people to cultivate a relationship with the plant.” She also adds, “It’s such an effective experience to feel the benefits of cannabis and then that same respect and gratitude is automatically transferred to whatever you’re making. I also encourage people to do as much research as they can.”


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*Quotes and information regarding Maya Elisabeth were obtained by this article originally featured on Style Caster.  


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