What You Need When Creating Your Cannabis Business Website

What You Need When Creating Your Cannabis Business Website

Today it is crucial for any business to have a nice-looking, user-friendly, responsive website. Without a website, you cannot be found online. Online is the number one place for being discovered and expanding your audience. When creating your Cannabis business website, there are a few elements you need to follow to be successful.

Use Great Design

Customers do not want to spend time browsing something that is unpleasant to look at or hard to navigate. This principle refers to your UX or user experience which is the human experience of your website. When a user visits, they rely on the sleek and readable design you offer. If the website is difficult to navigate, loads slowly or doesn’t provide what they are looking for, you lose customers. Get inside your user’s mind to find the most simple, logical, and enjoyable shopping experience you can provide. If you build a site that has a great design and a great experience, you will increase customer conversion rates.

Create a Blog Page

Most users that visit your website want to learn more about who you are, what you do, and why you do it. They are not just interested in a single product; they want to learn about everything behind the product. Creating a blog page that covers the uses, benefits, and the making of cannabis teaches your customers about the product and your company. Keep your visitors engaged by giving them content to discover and learn about.

Make a FAQ Page

One of the most important pages for your business is a FAQ page. FAQ pages help convince new customers, close sales, and save you time answering repetitive questions. A detailed FAQ page will show your experience with the product and build trust in your business. For ideas on what to include, look at common questions, FAQs on competitors’ websites, and include general information about your specific business policies.

Protect Your Website

The integrity of your brand relies on your website’s security. If your website is easy to hack, your information and the information of your customers are not safe according to BoomTech, 20% of businesses will suffer from a cybersecurity breach in a given year. Using the right software can help protect your business from IT threats. Protect your website by following best practices like having a website firewall, using the latest version of CMS, plugins and enforcing strong password requirements. Following secure guidelines and checking for suspicious activity will decrease the risk your website has of a security breach.

Display Customer Reviews

Gathering and displaying customer reviews goes a long way in establishing credibility with customers. About 80% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, says Invesp. Positive reviews reassure potential customers that you are worth investing in. Reviews also show your customer service abilities. If you have a negative review, work with that customer to change their experience. Even if it means changing your business operations to make it easier for your customers. If you want to encourage your visitors to act, you must display customer reviews.

Include Social Media Links

You can increase website traffic and improve organization brand awareness by displaying social media links on your site. Creating social media profiles lets your customers stay up to date on who you are and what you are doing with the business. Including social media links on your page gives customers a direct link to your social media sites.

It is important to remember that many customers value the relationship they feel they have with you more than the physical product. The relationship you create with your customers will make or break the success you have with your business, and that relationship can easily be built with a connection to your social media and a more casual view of the operations of your business.

Provide Contact Information

This may seem like a simple element to have for your website, but the truth is that most business owners fail to do this. According to Vital, You need to have your contact information listed everywhere. At the top or bottom of each page, you need to have a phone number, email, and an address people can reach you at. Contact forms should be simple and easy to use. Make the forms brief. People do not want to spend more than one minute filling out a contact form. Having your information readily available increases the likelihood a customers will remember and reach out to you when they need your service because they know exactly where to look.

Today’s world is almost entirely online. No matter how big or small your cannabis business is, people are going to find the information they need about your business online. Create a website for your business that is all-inclusive and provides customers both the information and the experience they need to invest in your product.

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