What You Need to Know About Buying Cannabis for the First Time

What You Need to Know About Buying Cannabis for the First Time

In many states across the US it is now legal to purchase cannabis. In fact, there are enough hemp harvests that the USDA has mailed out their first ever hemp survey recently. With this legal status, many people are purchasing it for the first time. Before doing so, however, there are some things you should keep in mind.

Deciding What to Buy

Cannabis can be purchased in many different forms, so you need to decide what exactly you want to buy. Of course, this will depend on several factors. If you want fast effects, the best method would be to inhale cannabis, typically through vaping. Edible options, such as gummies, will take 30-60 minutes before you begin to feel the effects. 

When purchasing cannabis, you also want to be aware of its makeup. The CBD and THC content is particularly important. Both are naturally found in cannabis plants, but you can purchase cannabis products in different quantities. THC causes more psychoactive experiences and CBD can actually be known to counteract these effects. Additionally, Healthline points out that CBD is often used for many health benefits. The quantities of THC and CBD that you prefer will depend on your reasons for purchasing cannabis.

How to Pay

This isn’t something you think of with your average purchase, but when it comes to buying cannabis you need to be aware of what payments you can use. According to Kind Regards, there are still limited payment options when it comes to legal cannabis products in the US. Since it is not legal nationwide, you cannot purchase cannabis with a credit card. Instead, you will need to use cash to pay for your cannabis or other options such as bank transfers or cashless ATMs. Again, since cannabis is not legal in every state, credit and debit card processors cannot participate in the sale of marijuana. Make sure you have the right payment ready.

How Legal it Is

While many states have legalized cannabis, they haven’t all done so to the same level. Before purchasing cannabis, you need to make sure you are thoroughly aware of the laws in your state. DISA says that some states allow both recreational and medical marijuana. Others only allow medical marijuana. Only in very few states is it absolutely illegal. Cannabis serves many uses in its different forms, so be aware of what forms are legal where you live.

The legalization of marijuana has been a process that is slowly moving across the US. When buying it for the first time, make sure you know what to expect. Being fully informed will allow you to get what you’re looking for and make sure you are following all laws.

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