What to Keep in Mind When Opening Your Medical Marijuana Shop

What to Keep in Mind When Opening Your Medical Marijuana Shop

A few years ago you might not have considered it possible to have an open dispensary in your state, and now your business is ready to get going. Cannabinoids have been a big business for decades, but except for California, it is rarely possible to enjoy legally in most of the U.S. Especially for patients with seizures, those with nausea from cancer treatment, or chronic pain, this can be a huge lifestyle shift that makes their world better. Accessible medications in your new dispensary will help many, but only if it’s properly prepared and cared for. So what do you need to keep in mind when opening a medical marijuana shop? Here are a few tips to get you started.

Permits and Licensing

First of all, although CBD oils with extremely limited THC are legal in all fifty US states, marijuana is not. You have to know if your store is specific to cannabinoids that have no THC while working towards furthering legislation, or if you are allowed to sell Marijuana. You need to make sure of your state’s legal use laws, as some are legal only for medical usage. While you wait for Congress to decide if all of the nations can have access to this medication, you have to make sure your state will issue the right permits for your sales. Your individual state has specific licensing programs, and you will need to research that on a state-by-state basis.

Streamline the Shopping Process

Your store wants to have as many customers as possible, and also to make sure customers are given as many options to see and choose from as you have available, in a pleasing way. Learning how to use layout to engineer the walking path of your customers is critical!  You want them to, from the moment of walking in the store, immediately be aware of your specialties. Directing the layout can make customers feel like they are “just browsing,” but instead, you have directed them to where you want them to be, and shown them all the best you have to offer.

Learn to Deal in Cash

Because traditional lenders are skittish about legal concerns, they are reluctant to consider loans to dispensaries or to work with money or checks involved with them. Dispensaries can’t have a standard account that they can cash checks into, which means they are cash-only establishments. Do not despair! While check and credit cards are still forbidden to your establishment, having a nearby atm is not.

Business Expenses

It’s crucial to have inspectors come by to look into the store. You don’t want any hidden issues with things like mold or leaks, which will affect your product! You want your roof to be secure, and all of the plumbing to work properly, for your health and the health of your team. You also need the HVAC system to be in good working order. You don’t want butter or chocolates melting, or anything perishable going bad, after all. The good part is, getting an inspection can ensure you pay less for HVAC costs.

Track and Trace

If your state uses a Track and Trace system, you also must be compliant. Track and trace systems have specialized packaging to show where the source is from and where it went to be used. Being able to track and trace medical marijuana is useful to government systems trying to oversee production and distribution. Some states, in which recreational use is legal, no longer need such systems. If yours does, though, you need to be compliant.

Systems for Managing and Auditing Inventory

As you can imagine, just like with traditional pharmacies, there can be some patrons or team members who could have the temptation to sample merchandise or to take some for personal profit. Audits should happen weekly. This can happen in one large chunk, or be planned in smaller sections of a few hours each time. This is what successful businesses, and especially successful dispensaries, do. There are software options to help you keep track of things and make this process more streamlined!

Build an Amazing Website

Building an amazing website is crucial for success when you open your shop. Being listed in local small businesses on sites such as Google Business can affect your ability to be found by clients. You want to appear clean-cut, beautifully designed, organized, and respectable both in-person and online. Remember, you are building branding for not just your own business, but for the national acceptance of your products and those in other dispensaries. Don’t lean into stoner culture outwardly, if your goal is to create a universal normalization in the community.

Teamwork is Everything

Your team will make or break your business. This is true of all small businesses, but especially of dispensaries. Not only do you need knowledgeable individuals who understand the varying strains of products, but you need to make sure they are both trustworthy and kind. They are a huge portion of your visual branding in the community. Your team members are there to make sales, but also to share knowledge and help prescribe varying medicinal strains to individuals. If they are not good at their business, your business will not grow. This means training on your part, and ongoing education on their own.

Your company is one of service and compassion, just like any pharmacy. The public in your area may or may not understand how much cannabinoids can do for their individual health, but you do. In this way, your work is almost evangelical, in teaching a generation of individuals more about their bodies and neurological receptors! Establish your strong brand, gather your team, and make sure you have all of your licenses and permits in line. Above all, learn from those around you who have experience and can mentor you. Using these tips will put you on the path to success.

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