How weed grinders speed up the process?

How weed grinders speed up the process?

Weed consumers know that preparing a weed for the vaporizer is a time taking process. It takes a long time to do it if you are preparing with a conventional method. Therefore, grinders are here and have speed up the process with its advanced technology. The Conventional method of grinding the weed using pestle and mortar is too time-consuming, by using this method weed loses its potent. As you use fingers while working with pestle and mortar, therefore most of the weed strains lose their potent.

Sharpstone weed grinders have solved this problem with their advanced technology and have sped up the process three-four times. Now the next question that would come to your mind will be that how to use grinders while preparing the weed? If you want to know how grinders actually work and what are its advantage then this article will give you step by step guide to use grinders.

Process: how to use a grinder?

These questions will come to your mind that how this grinder works? How it can make a uniform powder? Unlike other grinders that may be too difficult to use due to their complex structure. Weed grinders are very simple and easy to use. Their simple and easy structure allows every user to make the powder easily.

Here is an easy step by step guide to using a weed grinder.

First thing you should know before working with any electronics, before putting the weed into it whether the grinder is clean or not? Does the grinder have any particles? If it is clean then proceed with the further process and work on it.

  • First, remove the lid.
  • Put the weed on spikes, use your fingers to gently press the leaves. Gently press them and fill the container.
  • Close the lid and rotate the lid either clockwise or anticlockwise to make the powder.
  • Rotate the id and chamber opposite to each for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Check the container whether you get the desired powder or not.
  • If you get a consistent dried powder then your weed is ready for vaping or smoking. 

Advantages of weed grinders

 Investing money in a good quality grinder can help you a lot. Local brands that do not have good quality may waste your money. Therefore, we recommend using Sharpstone weed grinder for even and smooth weed powder. Now let’s take a look at various advantages of grinders:

Time-saving task

Pestle and mortar quite a time-consuming task to make a powder of dry leaves. If you are a regular weed consumer, it is a tiring task for you to make powder daily by hands. Grinders take few minutes to make a uniform, even powder. Always buy a grinder from a well-renowned company, if you are a weed consumer you should buy the grinder from good company.

Potency remains the same: do not attach to fingers

 When the substance is put in the container of the grinder, it does not allow the air to pass through it. When the dry leaves of herbs are tightly packed they do not lose the potency. Grinder can also use as a portable container to carry the powder.

The fine consistency of powder: uniform powder

 The Conventional method of grinding the powder by hand may leave big chunks of leaves and may not make a uniform, even powder. The consistency of powder by using a grinder is fine, even, and uniform. 

Easy to clean: not a complex structure

The structure of the grinder is not complex, it is not consists of a heavy machine. You can easily clean it by using water and tissue paper.  

Natural effects remain

Herbs may lose the natural effects by using hands. Grinders keep the natural ability of the herbs and make them more effective for its consumers.

The Quantity of herbs remain the same

 Herbs leaves are dry, therefore most of them get attached to fingers if you are grinding them by hand. Grinders save your money as leaves do not attach to your fingers and the quantity remains the same.

Performance of vaping and smoking increases

Grinders make a consistent uniform powder which increases the smoking and vaping performance. Unlike using hands, it does not make the even powder, so vaping or smoking may get difficult.

Portable device: easy to carry

This grinder is easy to carry. You can take this grinder anywhere you want to take. It does not require lots of space in your bag. It barely takes space in your bag, so the advantage of carrying it anywhere will resolve your worry if you a constant weed consumer.


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