Top 7 Weed Vaporizers to buy in 2020

Top 7 Weed Vaporizers to buy in 2020

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Vaporizers are electrical gadgets used to inhale weed vapors without actually smoking it. Vaporizers heat up the weed mixture to an optimum temperature for vaporization of weed, but not to the combustion temperature. This prevents weed from actually burning and hence avoids health issues caused by smoke and other gaseous by-products of combustion, released during direct smoking of weed.

Traditional methods of smoking weeds through normal smoking pipes, also known as ‘Chilams’, produce unfiltered smoke – consisting of many harmful gases that may cause irritation and uneasiness to many people. Fractions of dry ashes and smoke tar also enter your lungs that increase the chances of lung cancer.

A vaporizer is the solution of this problem to a great extent. They are provided with the heating unit powered by a rechargeable battery, making it easy for you to vape anywhere you like. Some of them are even provided with temperature control functions to give you a more customized feeling.

Here, we suggest 7 top vaporizers that you can consider to buy.

  1. Firefly 2+ (Plus) Vaporizer 

This vaporizer is made up of magnesium alloy. It is known for its instant heating capacities and it can heat up the mixture in just 5-10 seconds. It comes with 6 different heat settings (ranging from 170-215°C) for the more customized vaping experience. Firefly 2+ requires very low maintenance and is ideally suitable for dry herbs and concentrates, making it perfect for solo secession. It gives less odor as compared to other vaporizers.

Firefly 2+ is provided with a bowl size of 0.15 grams, where the mixture is heated via convection method. Also, it is provided with self-cooling technology to prevent overheating.

firefly 2+ includes with removable & rechargeable battery, which charges to full capacity in 45 minutes. However, for busy schedules, you are advised to carry an extra pair of batteries. It’s super easy to swap.

  1. Arizer solo II

As the name suggests, this vaporizer is specially made for solo secession and micro-dosing. It is provided with a bowl of capacity 0.2 grams, capable of heating compound mixtures as well as solid buds. It has a digital screen and provides you the option to adjust the temperature from 50-200°C. It usually takes 28-30 seconds to heat up the mixture using hybrid heating(convection as well as conduction).

Arizer solo II is made up of stainless steel and borosilicate, and provided with glass path for vapors. It comes with non-replaceable batteries with a battery life of 3 hours.

Arizer is super easy to load and clean, making its overall maintenance very low.

  1. Kandypens Miva 2

Miva 2, is for dry flowers and waxy compounds. The device is provided with the ceramic chamber with a capacity of 0.5 grams, a bright OLED display along with 3 button navigation, 2200 mAh battery which heats up the compound to 150-220°C using hybrid heating (both convection and conduction). The battery is chargeable through a micro USB port provided.

It is mainly made up of plastic body with two mouthpieces of glass, for low and high temperatures respectively. Cleaning and maintenance of Miva 2 are easy.

The best part that may compel you to buying this compact device is that it comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty.

You can consider BigDaddySmoke site to buy.

  1. Khan Vaporizer

Name may look new and odd, but it;s a perfect piece of metallic art and sleek design to upgrade your class.

Khan vaporizer is made of aluminum body, having a chamber capacity of 0.5 grams, and a long-life battery of 2500 mAh, typically 500 mAh more than other vaporizers, and comes with 5 years of warranty. It has an LED screen that provides you temperature setting from 150-240°C. Also, it is provided with an isolated air path for incoming airflow. Moreover, it vibrates on full heating.

Coming to its body design, it is a perfect example of fine and classy art – a thing you will love to show in open rather than merely keeping in a pocket. It includes a thick Pyrex glass bubbler( and not of plastic) with stainless steel threading at the bottom. If you looking for some cool vaporizer, you should definitely consider buying this one.

  1. Quant vaporizer with Walnut Wood Finish

This vaporizer is good for both dry flowers and concentrates. The heating spot consists of a quartz chamber with a capacity of 0.5 grams for vaping weeds. It is provided with 3 different temperature settings along with an LED display that lets you know the amount of remaining battery as well.

The outer body of Quant vaporizer is made up of walnut wood, whose fine and elegant finish makes it stand out of the crowd giving it a very classy look.

Recharging of the battery can be done through the micro USB port provided. So, it’s a completely portable and compact device, that adds one more name to list of finest vaporizers.

  1. Penguin dry herb vaporizer

As the name suggests, the shape of a vaporizer is inspired by the shape of the penguin’s body. It’s an affordable vaporizer with a cost below $50 or INR 3500. It also includes temperature controls as well as locking features to avoid accidental starting in pockets.

The device is provided with automatic heat control that shuts off heating after 30 seconds. It also includes “memory function” where you save your temperature preference profiles and use them later on. Overall, it’s a good option to consider if you looking for a vaporizer that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

  1. Crafty plus vaporizer – 

Do you like a mobile controlled vaporizer, then here is the one you are looking for. Crafty plus comes with only a single button on the device to put it on or off, rest all functions are to be controlled via mobile through the app. That makes it super cool and easy to use and also gives you a professional business class experience.

Crafty has two heating options as well- on normal, the other one boost temperature. It’s heating temperature ranges from 40-210°C, using both conviction as well as conduction to heat the compound. Also, it’s super easy to maintain and clean.

It is provided with rechargeable battery with a micro USB charging port and it is best known for long term battery life.


There are many more on this list like flame mate UNO, pax 2, pax 3, grasshopper. The list is endless. Although there is no disagreement on the fact that intake of weeds and other such products is harmful to health, and we here on the site, neither promote nor encourage you for the same. Health has not to be overlooked while enjoying your life. But if you are an occasional inhaler, and smoking irritates you, you can definitely try considering some vaporizers listed above from the BDS site.



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