Things You Need to Avoid When Using Marijuana

Things You Need to Avoid When Using Marijuana

The medical marijuana industry is booming — and so are the numbers of people acquiring state permission to use the drug legally. If you are curious about medical marijuana but feel the drug is unsafe or intimidating, you might be surprised to learn that when used responsibly, marijuana appears to be less dangerous than drinking alcohol. How can you take steps to ensure your safety when you choose to ingest medicinal marijuana? Take a look below for a few tips.

Operating Machinery

When under the influence of marijuana, you should avoid operating anything with moving mechanical parts. As well, avoid using appliances and tools that could cause extensive damage if left running. According to researchers, marijuana’s cognitive effects on information processing and memory are two-fold: The drug limits memory encoding and diminishes short-term recall abilities when users are under its influence. Don’t be surprised if the munchies drive you to make yourself a snack and you forget to turn off your oven afterward. To avoid potentially harming yourself or your property, try to limit your use of potentially dangerous household items while under the influence of marijuana.


Driving under the influence of any drug puts you at greater risk of being involved in an automobile accident. Although marijuana-related accident statistics do not quite stack up to those of alcohol, the drug still presents a palpable risk to users. Because marijuana is classified as a nervous system depressant, it slows normal reaction time and decision-making skills. When you must react quickly and decisively in the midst of traffic, marijuana can impede your ability to make the safest choice. And the research does not lie: You are twice as likely to be in a fatal wreck when driving within three hours of marijuana consumption. That may not seem like much, but do you really want to increase those chances at all?

Overdoing It

One of the most common causes of marijuana-related emergency room visits is overconsuming of the herb. You may have heard that you cannot technically overdose on marijuana, but those who have experienced acute intoxication would beg to differ. While excessive marijuana consumption won’t kill you—unlike many other drugs—overdoing it can come with some pretty scary consequences, namely extreme paranoia, anxiety, and panic attacks. Keep in mind that some medical marijuana is highly potent—much more so than the stuff that’s changing hands on the street. When you purchase products from a dispensary, it is important to start slow to assess your tolerance to the higher concentration of THC. Once you have a good idea of how well you tolerate more potent strains, only then should you use them more frequently.

Marijuana can be a wonderfully therapeutic substance when used responsibly. If you choose to light up or ingest cannabis edibles, be certain you are in a safe location with people you trust. As long as you use the drug with safety in mind, you will likely have a relaxing, rejuvenating, and healing experience!


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