Things to Know About Using Medical Marijuana or CBD After a Procedure

Things to Know About Using Medical Marijuana or CBD After a Procedure

Over the past decade, marijuana has evolved from a fringe drug to mainstream sensation. These days, people use marijuana for many different reasons. Some use it as a way to destress while others use it as a normal part of their daily routine. There are also those who go so far as to use it after a medical procedure. If you plan on using medical marijuana or CBD to assist recovery post-procedure, there are a few things you need to know first.

Non-Surgical Procedures

Using CBD after a non-surgical procedure is a bit tricky, as it depends on a few factors. For starters, before you can use CBD, you need to consider what procedure is being done.

If you’re having something like a cosmetic procedure, then using medical marijuana is not recommended. Despite being a non-surgical procedure, CBD can still cause some unwanted side effects. And if you have to take medication such as blood thinners, for example, you need to avoid CBD.

Surgical Procedures

In terms of surgical procedures, CBD is primarily used as a way to cope with the pain. Before, there was very little to no evidence that it actually did anything. But now, facilities like the Mayo Clinic have reported that CBD does come with a few noteworthy benefits – although further research is still needed. Similar to non-surgical procedures, whether CBD use is appropriate heavily depends on what procedure is being performed. It’s also worth mentioning that you need to let the surgeon know if you use CBD or not. They’ll confirm whether or not it’s safe for you to take while in recovery.

Dental Procedures

Compared to surgical and non-surgical procedures, dental procedures allow people to use CBD without worrying about side-effects. A lot of people have a slight fear of the dentist, so they mainly take CBD to reduce their anxiety.

Dental procedures, like root canals and wisdom teeth extraction, can be very painful. Taking CBD has shown to help reduce the amount of pain. But, whether it’s cigarettes or medical marijuana, dentists recommend abstaining from any kind of smoking for at least a day after extraction.

The effects of CBD depends on the product’s quality. Never buy a CBD product without a seal of approval. These seals guarantee quality while off-brands have little to no effect. But high-quality CBD and medical marijuana provide revolutionary ways to use cannabis without the psychoactive effects. But it still needs to be used properly. Regardless of what procedure you need or which medical condition you may have, make sure to check with your state laws and consult with your doctor beforehand.


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