The Secret Behind Cannabis Taste

The Secret Behind Cannabis Taste

There are several factors that have an impact on the flavor of cannabis.. For those who prefer a sublingual or buccal dose, the oil will have an impact. Those who prefer to vape can buy flavored oil smoking products. However, cannabis has its own flavor based on the genome of the cannabis strains, the terpene content and the ground it is grown in.


Terpenes are found in many plants and impact what animals and insects are drawn to the plant. These compounds can be found in evergreen trees as well, and are part of what makes up the aroma and flavor of whatever is produced by the plant, particularly the flowering portion of the plant.

Depending on the flavor you like best you may seek out cannabis strains high in:

  • Limonene, for pine
  • Myrcene, for mango
  • Pinene, for citrus

Fans of berry flavored cannabis, for example, love a combination of myrcene and pinene, while others like mint and seek out the evergreen flavor of limonene.


Terroir refers to the flavor given to any farmed produce by the soil and growing conditions. For example, fans of wine and coffee know that merlot grapes grown in California are excellent, but the same grapes grown in the volcanic soil of South America will have a different flavor.

Coffee beans grown in Central America are coveted, but the same beans grown in the mountains of Hawaii are again, different. Defining either of these flavor differences as better or worse is quite subjective, but can be very interesting to study.

Cannabis growers also focus on terroir. Growers in Humboldt County, California have begun to offer a sticker to declare the origin of their cannabis product. The soil and growing conditions there mean that the cannabis from that region has its own unique qualities. 

Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Everyone who uses cannabis products has a particular reason for their focus. If you can’t rest without winding down, you may have better luck with an Indica strain that’s higher in CBD. Folks with chronic pain that they just need to dull occasionally might do better with a microdose of a hybrid strain. Many hybrids offer both relaxation and an energy boost.

For those who struggle with anxiety or digestive issues, a microdose of a hybrid such as Orange Velvet can deliver enough nausea relief to make it possible to get on with your day without impacting your perspective. Citrus cannabis flavors can soothe both your stomach and your nerves.

Your Personal Taste

If you love the outdoors but can’t always get out for a hike, a mint product such as Kmintz may suit your taste. You may also want to grow a variety for your own personal use or for loved ones. For example, keeping a supply of Deep Candy product available for when you can’t sleep is a simple option; it’s low THC and offers a sweet flavor.

For the days when you need to reach a bit higher, consider growing the fresh and woodsy Frosty Friday for fresh flavor and a THC boost.

Your Cannabis Needs

If you’re having good luck using CBD products for mild ailments, such as anxiety or headaches, consider investing in Sweet Dream Rose’s cannabis seeds. This mild-flavored product will deliver a floral taste with a gentle dose of CBD and very little THC.

While CBD products are a great option for those trying to rest more deeply or get a break from pain, there are many who have good luck using a higher THC product to help them get energized and stay focused on their passion. For these products in 2021, consider the feminized Banana Seeds for a light flavor and energizing euphoria.

Your flavor preference can be met at both ends of the spectrum and at points along the way. If you’re investing in your own seeds and planning to supply your own product, check in with other gardeners on the best way to beef up your soil for your own terroir.            


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