The Risks of Working in the Cannabis Industry

The Risks of Working in the Cannabis Industry

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Yesterday we posted an item from Growers Underground about how Big Mike was persecuted seemingly because he worked in the cannabis industry. It generated a lot of comments, and it made us realize that rarely do we talk about the stigma of working in the cannabis field.

It’s easy to explain why. With medical marijuana being held up in court and legalized in so many states, it feels as if the old ideas of pot and “potheads” are slowly eroding away. So when it’s clear that someone may have been singled out for working in a industry that is somehow still viewed as impure (similar to the porn industry) it can be a reality check that we haven’t come as far as we thought we have. 

Have you been persecuted for being in this industry? There are stories of dispensaries suddenly discovering they need to pay exorbitant licensing fees, or people not being allowed to prescribe medical marijuana despite the fact that it’s legal in their area. These are all subtle ways of reinforcing that, even in areas where the public wants legalized marijuana, that your business is not welcome.

However, issues with law enforcement in our industry tend to be underreported, minus some high-profile events such as this one. It’s important to stay vigilant and support others in this industry if they face legal discrimination when it comes to running their legitimate business.

If we find any more stories like this, we’ll be sure to report them to you.




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