The Most Effective Ways to Reduce Vaping Odor

The Most Effective Ways to Reduce Vaping Odor

Herbal extracts can produce a pungent smell that can land on surfaces and materials, which might linger long after vaping. As a result, you might worry about the scent remaining on your clothes and accessories, in your home, or even inside your car.

If so, it might be a relief to learn tactics that can banish any leftover smells to ensure you and your property appear fresh and fragrant. Read on to learn about the most effective ways to reduce vaping odor.

In Your Bag or Pocket: Use Smell-Proof Bags and Accessories

Can you often smell your vaporizer or dry herbs when sitting inside your pocket or after unzipping your bag? It’s a common issue many people encounter when vaping, but you can prevent it by using special odor-absorbing products.

For instance, Nectar Medical Vapes provides its customers with smell-proof accessories to keep vape odors at bay, such as air-tight mylar bags for dry herbs. Alternatively, you could choose a Nectar Smell Proof bag to securely store your vaporizer, herbs, and accessories, stopping smells from traveling from your purse or pocket. Many of the products contain activated charcoal that is known for trapping and absorbing odors. It’s a simple and effective way to prevent a herbal aroma from lingering in your bag or clothing.

In Your Home: Use a Steam Cleaner

As mentioned, herbal extracts can cling to fabrics, which is why one or more rooms in the home might hold onto the vape aroma. Hard surfaces are easily treated with disinfectant, but materials are often much harder to clean.

If your sofa, bed, or curtains are housing a hint of vaping, use a steam cleaner on the materials to lift out the oils and eliminate any odors. If you are still worried about the scent lingering in your home, it might be wise to step outside the property when using a vaporizer to ensure it smells fresh and inviting daily.

In Your Car: Clean the Vents

Restore your car’s fresh smell by regularly cleaning its vents. Ensure your vehicle is turned off before spraying a vent cleaner into the vents, and don’t neglect the intake opening and interior vents. Once you have done so, turn on the ignition and place the air conditioner on full blast with recirculation before spraying the vent intakes again. After the AC has run for a few minutes, turn it off but lower your windows and leave the fan on to draw fresh air into the car.

On Your Breath: Use a Mint E-liquid or Mouthwash

Feeling a little self-conscious when talking to someone after vaping is natural, as you might worry they can smell the scent on your breath. In addition to following daily dental hygiene practices, you could improve your confidence when chatting with friends or colleagues by using mouthwash or chewing a stick of gum after vaping. Also, you could buy a mint e-liquid to maintain fresh breath and boost your confidence when talking to others.


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