The Beginning Guide to Kratom Supplements

The Beginning Guide to Kratom Supplements

Kratom has been in countries like New Guinea, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Indonesia for centuries. This plant has been used as an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs, which has propagated the fuss around it.

It is extracted from Mitragyna Speciosa plant leaves, which are ground to a fine powder for direct consumption or marketing purposes. The raw leaves of the plant can also be ingested and induce the same effects.

If you are tired of the harmful or potentially fatal effects of drugs used for anxiety, depression, or pain. You might want to search for kratom near me as it has a little downside potential.

Are you a novice looking for an adventure? Or do you want to know about what kratom is, probably satisfy your curiosity? Below, you will find all you need to know about this magical plant.

What is Kratom?

Locally, this powder is also referred to as biak-biak, kakuam or ithang. It is used to manage anxiety, analgesia, depression, boost mood and concentration, post-traumatic stress disorder, and reduce the severe withdrawal effects of opiates.

However much it has proven its usefulness, it is still illegal in many countries mainly because there is little research around it. It is also not regulated by the FDA, and it can be easy to fall for counterfeit products in the market.

It has many alkaloids, which are the main active ingredients in the plant. They include; Mitragynine at an average of 66%, Paynanthene at 9%, 7-Hydroxymitragynine at 2%, Speciogynine at 7%, and speciociliatine at 1%.

In the management of pain, mitragynine acts on the opioid receptors in the brain. This function relieves pain. Moreover, it does not recruit beta-arrestin -2 molecules responsible for the adverse withdrawal effects of opioids such as respiratory depression.

The color of the Kratom leaf veins determines the plant’s potency and comes in four colors; green, red, white, and yellow. The following are the most popular types of kratom.

Red Vein Kratom

This strain is known for its calming and relaxing effects, hence suitable for recreation. It is also very potent for pain relief, unlike the other strains. Alleviating insomnia and chronic pain are among its uses.

It is also a mood enhancer through Corynoxin A and Corynoxin B, which significantly affects dopamine release – the ‘feel good’ hormone.

It is further sub-classified into three groups; Red Maeng Da for pain, anxiety, and stress, Red Bali for treatment of insomnia and pain, and Red Borneo for pain (but not as potent).

White Vein Kratom

This strain has a reputation for being the most aggressive of the three strains. It is a stimulant and is used to boost mood, energy, and focus. Also an anxiolytic, it has been shown to be very useful for enhancing cognition and management of ADHD.

Examples of strains under the white vein are White Borneo which relieves pain, enhances your mood, and lifts you through the afternoon slump without causing sedation. White Thai helps with anxiety and productivity.

White Maeng and White Indo are shown to boost energy levels and can be overwhelming; therefore, it is not recommended for beginners.

Green Vein Kratom

This one is a blend of white and red strains and a proponent for euphoria, energy, and sound sleep. It is also popular in the management of chronic pain.

The strain further subdivided into Green Maeng Da, which is energizing and euphoric, and used to treat depression and anxiety. Green Malay, on the other hand, amps up your drive, especially when feeling lazy.

Yellow Vein Kratom

It has the same benefits elicited by the red and white strains but tends to veer more towards the white strain. This one is further divided into Gold Maeng, which bears a close resemblance to the Green Maeng Da.

It provides more energy without the downside of feeling drowsy. Yellow Thai also provides good energy but has less euphoria when compared to white thai.

How to Consume Kratom

Kratom Tea

For maximum benefits, this is one of the common ways that the powder can be consumed. Since kratom has a bitter taste, sugar, juice, honey, or syrup can be added to make it a little bit easier for consumption.

For the most effects, use warm or cold water as boiling water may interfere with the alkaloids’ integrity.

Kratom Capsules

Users enjoy various benefits with this form in that; the kratom doses are already pre-packed and thus ready for consumption. Therefore saving you time and convenience.

It is also the best way to store kratom as it is liable to destruction by conditions in the environment such as air, light, and moisture.

With this form, you will be taking the exact doses, thus no risk of overdosing. Hence ideal for experimenting with. The bitter powder also does not stick to your mouth, which could induce vomiting.


These are subjective and depend on genetics, body weight, and tolerance level. 1-5 grams increase energy and focus, 5-15 grams induce pain relief and euphoria as in opioids, while doses over 15 grams cause sedation.

It is important to note that repeated use of kratom causes tolerance to develop. To go past this, stop the drug for a while, then upon resumption, increase doses gradually. This can be avoided altogether by taking the minimum recommended amount.

Side Effects

These are primarily caused by overdose and include; dry mouth, itching, frequent urination, headache, and mood changes.

Some users experience severe ones such as; heart palpitations, abnormal blood pressure, reduced libido, and short-term memory loss.


Kratom has been used for a long time by communities in SouthEast Asia. As you have seen above, it’s available in many forms.

This drug also boasts a low side effects profile when used for many ailments and can therefore be used to experiment safely. Although within the recommended dosages.

Please conduct your due diligence and remember to seek advice from your doctor regarding the proper way forward.



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