June 1, 2011

World Leaders call for an End to the War on Drugs and Full Legalization of Marijuana

  The marijuana internets are abuzz with the latest headline about world leaders declaring the War on Drugs to be a failure and calling for the legalization of marijuana. Here are a few: World Leaders: Time to End Marijuana Prohibition Who’s Who of World Leaders Call Global Drug War a […]
May 31, 2011

Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson stops short of calling for policy change in regards to Marijuana

    Republican prez hopeful Gary Johnson spent considerable time addressing drug policy issues during his interview with Fox’s Sean Hannity on May 27. “What I’m advocating is the legalization of marijuana,” he told the conservative pundit. “Having done both I can tell you that marijuana is a lot safer […]
May 31, 2011

Dutch Coffee Shops to Ban trade with Tourists

 The Dutch government appears to be moving ahead with plans to ban tourists from purchasing marijuana in coffee shops.  Although the Netherlands has long been known for liberal drug policies, “far-right political leaders” have spearheaded the new rules. According to a letter from Dutch health and justice ministers to the parliament, the […]
May 24, 2011

Lawsuit Demands Feds Respond: Marijuana as a Schedule II Drug?

In 2002, the Coalition for Rescheduling Cannabis submitted a petition to request that marijuana be reclassified, but they have never received an answer. Today, they filed a lawsuit in the Washington DC Circuit Court asking for President Obama’s administration to respond to the petition. The groups represented in the coalition […]
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