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June 13, 2018

Marijuana Subscription Boxes: Are They Worth It?

Name any hobby and you can bet there is an accompanying subscription box. When finding niche products that align with your interests, morals, and budgets, having a system that puts these products together can prove to be an invaluable tool. So, is it any wonder that marijuana subscription boxes are […]
May 31, 2018

Jeff Sessions Is The Best Thing To Happen To Legalization

After the (relatively) hands-off approach of the Obama administration with regards to marijuana, American citizens have been fearful of Jeff Sessions and the Trump administration’s take on federal marijuana law. But, with support for legalized marijuana gaining strength from both Democrats and Republicans, many of those “in the know” are […]
April 11, 2018

Pot And Puppies: How Some States Are Looking To Legalize Medical Marijuana For Pets

In 2014, the State of New York legalized medical marijuana and now it could be the first state in the union to approve the medication for… pets? That’s right. This past March, Assemblywoman Amy Paulin introduced legislation that could grant veterinarians the ability to prescribe the medication to pets.   […]
April 2, 2018

Four Ways Medical Marijuana Can Change Medicine

With more states opening their hearts and minds to medical marijuana, more physicians and pharmacists are looking into how medical marijuana will change the way they treat their patients and their ailments. For some, medical marijuana could mean the difference between having a treatment or no treatment whatsoever. So, what […]
February 20, 2018

How Medical Marijuana Can Help Curb The Opioid Epidemic

In the beginning of February, the Food and Drug Administration requested Endo International PLC to take its Opana ER painkiller off the market, saying the drug’s benefits no longer outweigh the risks. This marked the first time the agency called for a removal of an opioid painkiller for public health […]
February 15, 2018

How To Use Medical Marijuana When Smoking Is Not An Option

With the stigma of medical marijuana fading quickly, more and more patients are starting the journey to natural pain relief, without the use of opioids or traditional pain medication. But for some, the idea of smoking a product for relief can be intimidating and off-putting. We’ve broken down the most […]
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