April 3, 2013

Most Americans Want Legal Marijuana

For the first time since they began polling the question four decades ago, Pew Research Polling has released new survey data that reveals 52% of Americans want marijuana to be legalized. Only 45% were opposed. This support is spread across demographics. The Baby Boomers (50%), Generation X (54%), and Millenials […]
September 6, 2012

Montana Medical Marijuana Pioneer Gets Probation No Jail

Yesterday, Montana medical marijuana activist Tom Daubert was sentenced to five years of probation by a federal judge for his involvement in a medical marijuana access point that was raided by federal agents early last year. That operation was one of 26 locations that were raided simultaneously throughout Montana by […]
September 3, 2012

NC NORML is LIVE at the Democratic Convention

STREAMING LIVE 9/4/2012 at 5:30pm Watch Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson, former special agent Jamie Haase, and southern rock artist Greta Gaines as they speak live on behalf of North Carloina NORML to raise awareness and support for ending marijuana prohibition at the Democratic Convention in Charlotte. Live video by Ustream
May 22, 2012

Study: Non-Psychotropic Plant Cannabinoids Counteract Prostate Cancer Growth

[Editor’s note: This post is excerpted from this week’s forthcoming NORML weekly media advisory. To have NORML’s news alerts and legislative advisories delivered straight to your in-box, sign up here.] The administration of non-psychotropic plant cannabinoids, in particular cannabidiol (CBD), inhibit proliferation and selectively trigger cell suicide of prostate carcinoma, […]
May 14, 2012

Willie Nelson: “I Smoke Pot and it is None of the Government’s Business”

Click here to subscribe to NORMLtv and receive alerts whenever new content is added. NORML Advisory board member, and long time cannabis law reform advocate, Willie Nelson recently filmed a new PSA for NORML. Check it out below or on NORMLtv. “Let’s get the government out of our private lives, […]
April 25, 2012

City of Miami Beach Settles False Arrest Case with Marijuana Rights Activist

A staple joke from late night comedians, going back to George Carlin in the 1970s, is about how cannabis law reformers are too stoned to gather signatures and turn them in, when, ironically, or not, it is usually agents of the government who more often than not interfere with the […]
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