Strategies That Can Transform Your Cannabis Business

Strategies That Can Transform Your Cannabis Business

Just like any businessperson, it’s critical to keep at the forefront of the business trends when boosting the sales in your cannabinoid business. But, like any entrepreneur, your business needs your focus en pointe, and your ability to strategize! What strategies can help transform your cannabis-based business?

Cost-Cutting Measures

Every business wants to be as streamlined as possible. First and foremost, you need to get a handle on the organization of your inventory. Consider using a “First In, First Out” system to make sure all products are fresh for consumers. Strategize whether you should use an anonymous accountability structure, with your team able to anonymously disclose whether there is “shrinkage”, which, of course, you do not want. Being able to try and establish new practices can change your ability to manage productively.


5S methodology can create a cleaner, more efficient workplace. This strategy applies to all businesses, of course, but specifically is helpful to remember in cannabinoids. This Japanese system of organization is translated as Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain. This means that when you get new products in, you immediately Sort (not allowing to Sit, a habit everyone needs to abandon), and get products replaced on shelves, ie Set In Order. You “Shine,” meaning-making displays look especially beautiful, neat, and clean, and make sure everything is Standardized, meaning there is a protocol to make sure these things happen. Sustain is about making these habits you can do with your team over time.

Look To The Future

You know cannabinoids can transform medical healthcare management, especially pain management and sleep care, if allowed to do so. It’s important to look towards the future of cannabinoids in order to be on the cutting edge of what is needed in your area, and in your business specifically. As stigmas disappear and the legalization pressure on the government becomes stronger, your business cannot help but to grow. The more research and organization you are willing to put into place, now, the better you will be placed for the needs of your community as science continues to advance.

Your business is already ahead of most trend usage for the US, but that’s a good place to be. Now is the time to put the protocols into place which will give you a lead as things begin once again to grow post-pandemic. Remember your 5S’s, and keep fresh products flowing!

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