What States Will Have Medical Marijuana On the Ballot This Tuesday?

What States Will Have Medical Marijuana On the Ballot This Tuesday?

Election day is less than a week away, and a surprisingly large number of states are voting on marijuana legalization this year. This is our round-up of which states are voting, what type of legalization is on the bill, and a little bit of background on the likelihood of the measure passing.

California: California already allows for medical marijuana and will be voting on whether or not to allow it’s recreational use as well, making one of our greenest states just a little bit greener. This one seems fairly likely to pass.

Nevada: This state is also voting for recreational marijuana, something that is being pushed heavily by Vegas in order to further their reputation as a place where “anything goes”. However, it is likely to come up against opposition from the rest of the state.

Arizona: This is another state voting on recreational marijuana, though here, it’s much less likely to pass. Polls leading up to November have shown less than half of the state supports legalizing marijuana, meaning it will likely take another election cycle before it passes.

Massachusetts: A state that’s near-deadlocked on the issue of recreational marijuana, with a tough fight coming from both sides of the ballot. Even if marijuana is legalized, it’s expected to have some of the strictest laws for growing or selling in the nation.

Maine: Polls are showing that recreational marijuana is fairly likely to be legalized in this heavily blue state.

Florida: Several million dollars have been spent on both sides of the ballot as Florida decides if it will be the first southern state to allow medical marijuana. Right now, it looks like anybody’s game.

Arkansas:This state is having another try at legalizing medical marijuana. The ballot failed (barely) in 2012, so there’s hope that this time, with a stronger push, it can be passed and possibly edge out Florida as the first southern state to get medical marijuana.

North Dakota: This one is a bit of a long-shot, with this issue just barely qualifying to be on the ballot this year. Still, it’s a good sign that a place as staunchly against medical marijuana in recent years is warming up enough that it’s coming to a vote.

Montana: Montana already has medical marijuana, but state lawmakers have created laws that have made it nearly impossible for dispensaries to turn a profit. This year on the ballot are measures that would roll back these laws, and hopefully expand the business across the state.

Keep in mind, this is just a brief overview. If you live in one of these states, you should make sure to read a more in-depth summary of what’s on your ballot this year. Hopefully several more states will join us in legalizing medical and recreational marijuana by next Tuesday night.


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