NY Veterans, Medical Marijuana, and Cuomo

NY Veterans, Medical Marijuana, and Cuomo

We know–the title of this blog sounds like the beginning of a bar joke, but this week, each of these groups collided over NY’s handling of medical marijuana.

New York veterans have started pushing Gov. Andrew Cuomo to expand medical marijuana prescription coverage to those that suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Last month the state Senate voted to add PTSD to the list of eligible conditions for New York’s medical marijuana program. This change had been slowly working its way through New York legislature, having been previously voted on in the Assembly. Now the bill rests with Gov. Cuomo, and he has yet to give an indication of what he plans may be.

Veterans have been using this moment to push their case more broadly Last month, the State Council of Veterans Organizations wrote to him, asking that that he approve the measure. They had yet to receive a response as the time of writing this blog, leading many veterans to worry if he’ll sign this expanding act.

In terms of our take: to us, it seems likely that the act will pass. Gov. Cuomo doesn’t have any discernible reason NOT to allow veterans access to medical marijuana for PTSD, and more likely it’s just that the major budget bills of the last two weeks have been taking up a majority of his time.

Of course, if we get answer either way, we’ll be sure to write a follow up article.


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