Medical Marijuana’s Growing Voice

In all of our talk about the expansion of medical marijuana, and the political fights that are erupting because of it, we very rarely talk about an important part of the movement to legalize marijuana.


Voices who can speak to medical marijuana’s best aspects, to be more specific. Recently, several coaches of different U.S. sports teams have come out to talk about how medical marijuana has positively impacted their lives in response to the NFL recently kicking out players who were found to be using the substance.

While the amount of people who have been helped by medical marijuana–able to lessen their conditions and live normal, fulfilling lives without the need for tremendous painkillers–is numerous, there are far fewer celebrities or people with power ( or audience) speaking up on medical marijuana’s behalf.

Part of this is simply a difference in lifestyle. To be frank, people who have a lot of money can afford more expensive treatments for their conditions, and often spend lots of time on preventing health conditions from occurring rather than dealing with the aftermath (at least the ones that can be prevented). Medical marijuana can simply be used less among this contingency.

However, that doesn’t work for everyone, and there’s lots of people in California (where medical marijuana has been legal for a long time) that have used the substance but don’t speak out on its behalf. Why? Possibly they’re worried about backlash, or about not being taken seriously. But while medical marijuana is slowly being adopted by many states, the fact remains that the effort would go much faster if more people in the public eye spoke up about their experiences, and how medical marijuana has benefited them.

We hope that more come forward in the future, and help this important medical practice expand to more people who need it.


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