Medical Marijuana Laws

Medical Marijuana Laws

Medical cannabis, or medical marijuana, is currently illegal in most states, due to an archaic prohibition that was instituted in 1937. While all forms of marijuana are still illegal based on federal laws, a few courageous states have started implementing medical marijuana laws, but most are complex and hard to understand. And that puts you at risk. We’ve created this section to help make it clear what is, and isn’t, allowed in your state.

We’ve also made it easy for you to get involved. It’s time we all do our part to insure our rights, by supporting the organizations that lobby for us and create awareness of the benefits of medical marijuana.

Federal Laws

Marijuana is regulated by the federal government through the Controlled Substances Act. According to the CSA, there is no difference between medicinal and recreational marijuana. Unfortunately, federal law trumps state law, so know your rights.

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State Laws

Fifteen states and the District of Columbia currently have medical marijuana laws, but the laws vary greatly by state. Additionally laws can vary for patients, caregivers and even dispensaries. We’ll help you navigate the waters.

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Get Involved

Just about everyone enjoys cannabis, yet it still manages to stay illegal. Until everyone voices their opinion, millions of innocent Americans will be confined to prison or suffer without medicine. It’s easy to get involved and it’s your duty.

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