Massachusetts Bans Firing Employees for Medical Marijuana Use

Massachusetts Bans Firing Employees for Medical Marijuana Use

Boston, Massachusetts - September 5, 2016: The Massachusetts State House also called Massachusetts Statehouse or the "New" State House in Boston.

Massachusetts medical marijuana users got a big win this week. On Monday the state’s highest court finally passed their ruling on a controversial issue–companies firing their employees for marijuana use, even when they had been prescribed medical marijuana from their doctor.

The verdict? Employers cannot fire anyone with a legal prescription for medical marijuana.

This is a major win for medical marijuana users, and a major blow against the stigma of those who use it. Employers arguing against the case had based their grounds on the fact that employers get to determine the severity of their drug policies (for instance, whether or not you need a urine sample to get a job) and that a zero tolerance drug policy was just another choice an employer could make.

Now Massachusetts is on record as stating that no employer in the state can discriminate against employees who use medical marijuana. This new mandate also affects employers who are located out of state and hiring Massachusetts workers either at a local branch or on a contract basis, which means many more people who rely on medical marijuana to alleviate an ailment are covered.

The official final word from Court Chief Justice Ralph D. Grants? “In Massachusetts the use and possession of medically prescribed marijuana by a qualifying patient is as lawful as the use and possession of any other prescribed medication.”

This is great day for medical marijuana patients in the state. If anymore news develops from these court proceedings, we will make sure to let you know.


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