Marijuana Trends for 2019

Marijuana Trends for 2019

Marijuana Trends for 2019 |

What are the marijuana trends for 2019?

As we leave 2018 behind, 2019 looks to be a banner year for the marijuana industry. As more states come into the legal fold, we take a look at the marijuana trends that we think will pop up throughout 2019.


Cleaning Your Green

While it’s true that pesticide awareness in marijuana has been around for a while, greater focus will be placed on making sure levels not only meet but exceed federal and state regulations. This may sound like a good thing all around, though it may frustrate current growers, as it’s believed the standards will be far more stringent than food products.


Increased Medical Marijuana Research

As anecdotal evidence increases, more funds will be appropriated for legitimate research into medical marijuana as treatments for traumatic brain injuries, mental illness, and PTSD. We’re even seeing the first Senate bill of 2019 will involve a study on medical marijuana for veterans.


Increased CBD Use For All

Epidiolex is a CBD tincture that has recently been approved by the FDA for off-label use for Parkinson’s and “other conditions.” With the recent legalization of hemp, pure CBD products will become the new norm for even the most marijuana adverse demographics. This is becoming evident as conservative states like Oklahoma and Arkansas are showing increased medical marijuana use with every poll.


Pre- and Post- Workout Glow

Forget the prophylactic ibuprofen and the collagen-enhanced power drinks. CBD, THC, or combo infusion salves or lotions are quickly becoming the pain prevention treatment for when you push your muscles a little too hard during your grueling workout. The fascinating (and wonderful) reason topicals are increasing in popularity with workout fanatics is that they have no mind-altering tendencies — even the lotions infused with THC. This allows you to have a great workout and feel great afterward. 


Just Desserts

Chocolate Sundae. Cookies & Cream. Wedding Cake. These may sound like things you would eat AFTER indulging in a little marijuana, medical or recreational. Now, would it surprise you to hear these aren’t desserts, but popular or up-and-coming marijuana strains? That’s right! Dessert flavored strains are no longer for those that are new to marijuana consumption. Even the most seasoned consumers are taking pleasure in having a sweet treat before their sweet treats. Some say the trend in sweeter and smoother blends makes marijuana consumption more palatable for the less-than-average consumer and gives marijuana a more “mainstream” image.


All Hail Corporate?

As marijuana use increases amongst the every-day consumer, more and more multinational corporations will begin buying stakes in marijuana companies. This could lead to an increase in “big box” marijuana and slow down smaller “mom and pop” shops.

As the legal marijuana industry becomes more accepted, companies and the products they produce will continue to proliferate. From higher-quality edibles to smoother blends, 2019 is looking to be the marijuana industry’s best yet!


What are some of the trends you notice, or the trends you’re looking forward to in the coming year? Let us know in the comments, or on Facebook or Twitter.


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