Marijuana Subscription Boxes: Are They Worth It?

Marijuana Subscription Boxes: Are They Worth It?

Marijuana subscription boxes are all the rage, but are they actually worth it?

Name any hobby and you can bet there is an accompanying subscription box. When finding niche products that align with your interests, morals, and budgets, having a system that puts these products together can prove to be an invaluable tool. So, is it any wonder that marijuana subscription boxes are popping up all over legalized states?

Many marijuana entrepreneurs are setting up their own subscription box services that offer a range of marijuana-related products that are regularly shipped to subscribers. And it turns out the choice of subscriptions are as varied as the individuals themselves. This week we explore a little more about what to expect from “marijuana” subscription boxes are and if they’re worth it.


What’s Included?

Most boxes are fitted with an assortment of products and accessories to fit the subscriber and the budget. The problem? Most boxes contain items that fit around local restrictions so as not to fall prey to local laws. Some of the more common offerings are rolling papers, lighters, and premade roaches.

While you may be thinking what the point may be, when you look a little closer at the higher-end boxes, you’ll find items such as elaborate pipes, dabbing tools, quality grinders, and for some, an assortment of hemp-related items. This can include everything from hemp body lotions, wicks, and hemp clothing.


What About The Actual Marijuana?

The question on nearly everyone’s mind is at some point will any actual marijuana products be available in these marijuana subscription boxes. Well, the answer is maybe… eventually. It all depends on the legal status of marijuana where you live, but more importantly the legal status of the subscription box subscriber. Despite the fact that medical and recreational marijuana is legal in many states across the country, the US postal service is a federally-funded organization, therefore making it illegal to ship marijuana through the mail at this time.

Read here about Senator Chuck Schumer’s bill to remove marijuana from the controlled substances list, which means no federal intervention, including the USPS.

Is This Good Only For Rec Users?

While there are many subscription services for recreational users, there is a surprising number of packages for those who use it strictly for medicinal purposes. Many of these products focus more on higher-quality CBD content and send accessories that make consumption easier, and they tend to include more information regarding the medicinal properties of the products.


So, Are They Actually Worth It?

Above all else, subscription services are a convenient way to top up your marijuana supplies and may help you experiment with items you might not normally be exposed to. Thanks to a variety of subscriptions at every price point, boxes can be a reasonable way to treat yourself or a special cannabis lover in your life.

Check out this list of the 11 best subscription services to find one that might spark your interest.


Do you subscribe to a marijuana box subscription service? Which one, and do you think it’s worth it? @MMDOTCOM would love to know!


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