Marijuana Spas: The Latest Trend in Marijuana Wellness

Marijuana Spas: The Latest Trend in Marijuana Wellness

Woman getting a massage. Wellness spas in legalized states are using marijuana-laced products to relax clients.

There are many ways people choose to relax and recharge. Spa culture has been around for thousands of years, and with modern (legal) marijuana culture spreading throughout the United States, a few ingenious entrepreneurs are bringing the two together. Do you feel relaxed already?


Where To Go

Though the court of public opinion is slowly loosening up on its harsh thoughts about legal marijuana, it can be surprisingly difficult to find a spa that advertises its CBD and/or THC infused spa products.

Dever resident and VP of Public Relations at Nerve Cannabis Consulting, Matt Bell, said, “I’m constantly shocked at how few places openly offer CBD or THC treatments. Businesses still get nervous marketing any consumption of cannabis, even topically,” in an interview he gave to Allure magazine.

While CBD oil can be used across all 50 states, products and treatments laced with THC are mainly kept to states that permit recreational marijuana. Though, recently, Todd and Amanda Romboli opened the doors to DommLife in Phoenix, Arizona, where medical marijuana is legal. This patient-focused space operates through a membership program that allows medical-marijuana patients to use services including a salon and spa, yoga, coffee, shopping, organic meals, and a meeting space. No medical marijuana is sold on-site.


Products And Services

So, what might one expect when getting a treatment at a marijuana spa? Pretty much the same services one would find in a regular spa — with just a little extra. Many spas will use CBD and/or THC enhanced lotions and oils during massage treatments to help counteract pain and muscle inflammation.

Some spas like Primal Wellness in Englewood, Colorado take the term “spa” to its full potential by offering everything from cannabis-infused facials, waxes, even lash extensions.  

“Our gateway treatment for women is the manicure,” says Danielli Martel, who co-owns the shop. “We use Zoya natural nail polish and organic, vegan cannabis-infused oil during the hand massage. That’s when they get hooked.”

You can find the rest of Danielli Martel’s statements in her Allure Magazine article.


More Than Just Treatments

In February 2018, Utopia All Natural Wellness Spa and Lounge submitted its application for a Denver Cannabis Consumption Establishment license to open an adults-only “spa” featuring two cannabis consumption areas in compliance with the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act. One will be indoors where adults can consume edibles and vape, and one will be outdoors where adults can smoke marijuana flower in a ventilated area that is not visible to neighbors. The idea being to make recreational marijuana a communal experience.


Does the idea of a marijuana spa service intrigue you? Have you ever received a marijuana spa treatment? Drop @MMDOTCOM a line and let us know what your experience was like!



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