Jeff Sessions is At It Again

In what has been a stormy political week in the U.S., with everything from a near-universally panned healthcare proposal (when was the last time democrats and republicans could agree on something?), a myriad of budget cuts, and re-instated then rescinded travel bans, what else could be added to the mix?

Well, if you’re in the medical marijuana industry, Jeff Sessions had some interesting words of “wisdom” this week.

While he’d previously come out against the use of medical marijuana, this week he also cast some disparaging words on the use of medical marijuana.

“I think marijuana has been hyped, maybe too much, “ he said, before speaking about how he thinks you can’t possibly accurately prescribe the right amount of THC for a condition. This comes only 2 weeks after his last remarks where he cast doubt on using it as an effective tool against opioid abuse.

“Marijuana is a cure for opiate abuse,” he said, “ give me a break. This is the kind of argument that’s been made out there to just — almost a desperate attempt to defend the harmlessness of marijuana or even its benefits. I doubt that’s true. Maybe science will prove I’m wrong.”

While the Trump administration itself has not come out saying it is attempting to crack down on medical marijuana, Jeff Sessions keeps finding ways to push against it. It’s not a comforting thought that the Attorney General keeps speaking ill of a drug with legitimate benefits (along with those who use it), and every time he does it, stock in private prisons goes higher.

Will the Trump administration step in, or will Sessions slowly find ways to push against the acceptance of marijuana? We’ll keep you updated


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