Jeff Sessions and Medical Marijuana

For the past few weeks the news has been dominated by President Trump, and in particular the hearings for his cabinet.While there are plenty of things to take a look at for each candidate, those in the medical marijuana community were particularly worried about Jeff Sessions.

Mr. Sessions, if confirmed, would the be Attorney General of the United States, giving him control and influence over the law in a way few men ever can dream of. And given Mr. Sessions’ previous record of not being on-board with marijuana, many in the community were worried that his appointment could mean marijuana legalization would stall, or worse, be scaled back.

Earlier this week, he answered medical marijuana related questions in his hearing. And what were the results? 

Well…he was guarded to say the least, and offered no real substantive ideas of how his policies may affect marijuana legalization. He did mention that he will be taking another look at the Cole memo, which was the document that laid out how states would keep their legalization from interfering with the federal laws banning marijuana.

The caginess was not entirely surprising–many people in these hearings are just looking to get through unscathed, and rarely offer clear, clinical answers for how they are going to address specific issues. Still, it is disconcerting that the man who once said “no good person smokes marijuana” (even if it was taken out of context like he claims) will now be charged overseeing the laws on this entire movement.

We will continue to report on this as more information about his new policies develops.


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