Is Alaska’s Proposed “On-Site Consumption” Rule Too Little, Or Just Enough

Is Alaska’s Proposed “On-Site Consumption” Rule Too Little, Or Just Enough

After months of debate, the Alaska Marijuana Control Board has officially proposed regulations to permit on-site consumption of marijuana at retail locations. Though Alaska may be the first state to let customers use marijuana inside businesses, there are still many more hurdles to clear.

During a July meeting in Fairbanks, Brandon Emmett, member of the Alaska’s Marijuana Control Board laid out guidelines for on-site marijuana consumption, including eating or smoking cannabis products inside legally-licensed retail locations. Some of those guidelines include:

  • Separated consumption areas, ensuring no usage of outside product,
  • Updated ventilation systems,
  • No onsite entertainment, such as televisions, pool tables, etc.
  • Sales for consumption will be on limited hours.

On-site consumption has been a topic of discussion for local Alaska municipalities, especially popular tourist areas for quite some time. The issue being it is legal to buy cannabis, but not legal to use outside of a private residence. So, where do these tourists who are contributing to the local economy go to consume their legally-purchased products?

The measure is set for a 60-day comment period. During that time local governments will contribute to the measure by implementing their own regulations, such as indoor smoking bans, stand-alone building ordinances, etc. After the comment period, a vote will take place on whether or not to use the final framework. After that, we’ll see.

While many states in the country are setting up ways to purchase legal marijuana, Alaska appears to be the only state considering the problem of consumption. Legal consumption areas in other parts of the world have proved to be a successful way to bring revenue to a local economy and enjoy consumption in a safe and legal environment.

You can read the “on-site consumption” proposal here.


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