How to Get More Customers to Your Medical Marijuana Store

How to Get More Customers to Your Medical Marijuana Store

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From chronic pain to depression, to nausea, multiple sclerosis, insomnia and more, medical marijuana has become a popular treatment for a long list of health conditions. However, many consumers don’t yet realize the benefits of this amazing product!  Here are a few ways you can spread the word on how and why medical marijuana may be a great addition to any consumer’s health concerns (and then get them coming back to you again for future business!)

Offer New Products

When marijuana’s popularity began, the most common means of “delivery” was simply through smoking or ingesting the plant in various foods. Since its medicinal properties have been discovered and developed, you can ingest cannabis’s benefits through “edibles” (condensed cannabis in gummy forms), vapes, candies, and drinks. You can even use it in recipes! Or, for those who want the CBD without the calories, marijuana is now available in oils and lotions that are absorbed directly through the skin and into the bloodstream, which offers a more targeted relief to specific areas of the body. Providing a product for every CBD user will invite anyone and everyone into your store, the enticing variety of options being a huge pull!

Get More Creative With Marketing

Trends in society are shifting faster and more frequently than ever, with technology making the spread of new ideas instantaneous. In order for your marketing strategies to be successful, they also need to be fast, adaptable and creative. Experiment with different “creative” marketing efforts! Social media has become easily the most accessible and trafficked visual in the world. Find unique ways to grab people’s attention on these platforms! Graphic design is increasingly popular, and an effective way to share information aesthetically. Marijuana’s distinct shape offers a natural “branding” that you can use to your advantage, creating advertisements and content that are visually unmistakable. Wherever you choose to focus your marketing efforts, make sure the content you are publishing is quality content that people will be drawn in by, and that will actually influence them positively.

Offer Rewards and Incentives

Any deal is a good deal! You may be surprised at how quickly and efficiently a simple discount or bargain will hook people’s attention. Rewarding customers with special “insider” deals incentivize continuous business. Consider implementing a sort of loyalty program for your customers—the loyalty aspect invites a feeling of value and appreciation, as well as the feeling that they have the inside scoop on the best prices and products before anyone else. For those consumers who develop a passion for products or brands, this is an easy way to invite them to be a huge part of your business. If pride of brand isn’t incentive enough, the upper hand on your products and services surely will be.

Add Parking

Maybe the reason you are struggling to get people into your store is that you aren’t providing sufficient parking for them to access! Adding parking space invites a significant number of consumers right to your door. When you create a parking area, make sure to balance the quality of space with the quantity of space. Low-grade, cheap materials will require costly maintenance in the long run; you don’t want to have to plan to recover your pavement every few years! Asphalt is more expensive than concrete paving in the long term due to maintenance costs. Concrete is (usually) a much more effective option, so you may consider the value of utilizing that resource to create a quality expansion to your parking availability.

Build Relationships with Local Medical Professionals

Reach out to local medical professionals—clinics, private practices, practitioner offices, etc— and develop strong relationships with the staff there. Demonstrate both your ability to offer the kinds of products that will be most helpful for their patients, as well as your investment in their patients’ health and healing. Show them that you are a reliable business, that you treat people well, and that you will follow the guidelines and prescriptions given by professionals to best help their patients. The stronger that relationship is, the more likely those professionals will be to recommend your business to them which will invite exactly the clientele you want right through your doors.

Create a Brand Aesthetic

Part of why customers are drawn to products is their ability to identify with that product, the ability to adopt it as part of what makes up their personality, their “brand”. If you can offer a unique and exciting brand aesthetic, a representation of your company’s vision, that customers think is a cool way to show off their own vision, you will develop a strong and loyal following. That following will then become one of your greatest means for growth: once their friends and acquaintances see their pride in your product their interest will pique and your profits will reflect such!

Ask for Customer Reviews

Another easy way to climb the competitive ladder of reputation standings is through customer reviews. Don’t be afraid to ask your “fans” the favor of writing a positive review about their experience, why they keep coming back. Those are beacons to other curious consumers about the positive experiences available to them if they join your customer pool. They also improve your search engine optimization for your website, so that customers seeking exactly what you offer will find you towards the top of the list.

Partner With Other Companies

One more way you may consider reaching the audience you need is through partnerships with organizations that target similar groups. Once you’ve identified such companies, connect with them in the same way you build relationships with medical professionals. Show your dedication to positive customer experience, and express your willingness to share resources to benefit their business as they do the same for you. Partnerships are mutually beneficial, productive, and increase your network. Your joint exposure will reach a wider audience of people, and will build each of your reputations as that audience mixes your visionary pursuits!

Up your profits by upping your consumer traffic into your store. Use effective marketing, offer good products and expand your means of exposure and accessibility, and your business will thrive!

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