How To Get A Job In The Marijuana Industry

How To Get A Job In The Marijuana Industry

How To Get A Job In The Marijuana Industry | MedMJ

A marijuana farmer.

One of the major upsides to legalization across the country is the influx of jobs that it brings. From planting to dispensing and everywhere in between, there are any number of positions available. While getting a job in the industry might be simple, getting the job you want might be a little more complicated. Don’t worry! We’ve got a few tips to help you land that marijuana dream job!

Prepare Some Questions, Then Ask Them!

Not only does asking questions look good as a potential employee, the answers you receive may help you decide if you even want to work for the company itself. What kind of questions should you be asking, especially of new marijuana businesses?

  • Licensing: While not all companies will require state licenses, many growers, processors, and retailers will. So make sure all the appropriate channels are current with their licenses.
  • Funding: Financial stability is important to any new business. Ask if the company is already making a profit or when profits are to be expected, and if they aren’t currently turning a profit, what is the plan until revenue comes (aka, where is the money coming from).
  • Locations: Where does the company officially operate? (While you may be working in a Colorado location, is the company officially located in California?) Knowing the state laws for both the state of employment and the state the company is located in (if different) is important.


Show Off Your Skills

For every excited potential recruit, there are 10 others with resumes ready and waiting to swoop into your desired position. Sure, you may have passion for marijuana and the industry, but so do those other 10 behind you. What you need to do is showcase the skills you’ve acquired and adapt them to the marijuana industry. Did you work retail previously? Sales at a dispensary may be your entry point. Getting your degree in marketing? Find an internship that focuses on social media and marketing deliverables. For every experience you’ve had, there is a way to transfer those skills to the marijuana industry — and the more creative way you can convey that, the greater your chance of landing the job.


Understand More Than Just Product

It’s always important to research a company before showing up for an interview, especially in the marijuana industry. When interviewing, you need to be very knowledgable in cannabis law, protocol, and business practices. Not only does that show initiative and ups your value as a potential employee, understanding the law may mean the difference in keeping your company open or potentially getting a career-ending fine.


It Might Not Be “Your Job,” But It Is

Did you know that most marijuana companies have fewer than 50 employees? When working for a small business, it’s important to be a team player and to be prepared to roll your sleeves up (sometimes literally) when need be. One day you may be entertaining potential dispensaries and then next you’re putting together a desk for the new accounting clerk. So, if you need a job that is relatively the same from day to day, you might want to rethink the marijuana industry.


Start-Ups Welcome

As legalization grows, the industry changes — sometimes daily. You could start a job in January and be working in an almost unrecognizable industry by May. If you’re used to rapid change and the scaling process, you’re in the right place. Keeping your mind in “startup mode” allows you to be prepared for a changing environment.


Do you work in the marijuana industry? What is one piece of advice you’d like to give anyone looking to break into the business? Let us know in the comments, or on Facebook or Twitter.


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