How To Find Amazing Cannabis Concentrates In Canada?

How To Find Amazing Cannabis Concentrates In Canada?

Ever since cannabis was legalized back in 2018, online and offline shops started popping up all across Canada. In places like Just Cannabis Weed Dispensary, you can find high-quality concentrates, oils, edibles, vape juices, and more.

But if you’re a newcomer to the market, it can be difficult to distinguish between good and bad cannabis concentrates. They usually look pretty much the same, and if you have no point of reference, you wouldn’t be able to tell whether they’re affecting you as they should. So, how can you find genuinely excellent cannabis concentrates in Canada? Take a look.

What Distinguishes the Best Cannabis Concentrates?

How great a cannabis concentrate can be depends on three crucial factors – the starting material, the cannabinoid extraction process, and the post-processing methods.

The quality of the strain

Cannabis concentrates are extracts that contain a concentrated form of cannabinoids and terpenes, as their name would suggest. Every property and feature that a hemp plant has is amplified in concentrates. If the plant is potent and has a strong cannabinoid content, the concentrate will be even stronger. But if the plant is of lower quality, all its negative features will be magnified as well.

The quality of the strain will directly impact the quality of the concentrate. As long as your vendor is sourcing its flower from responsible, sustainable farms, you can rest assured you’re getting great concentrates that can make a difference.

The extraction process

Vendors use a variety of cannabinoid extraction processes – CO2, ethanol, butane extraction, and more. Regardless of the method, however, the final product should be of high quality if the vendor perfected the process.

Post-processing methods

Once a cannabis concentrate goes through extraction, technicians need to process it further to remove any imperfections or contaminants. The extracted crude oil usually contains natural fats and waxes that can impact its taste, quality, and shelf-life.

Post-processing involves removing these fats and waxes, boiling off any remaining ethanol (in the ethanol extraction method), and more. If the vendor uses reliable post-processing methods, you’ll receive a pure, potent concentrate.

How to Know if Cannabis Concentrate Is Good?

Most vendors will provide you with plenty of information regarding their hemp suppliers, extraction processes, and post-processing methods. However, there are more straightforward ways to find out whether your cannabis concentrate is any good.

It comes from a reputable vendor.

The legal cannabis market is growing, so all vendors face harsh competitors. Reputable cannabis shops are constantly working on improving their products and services and offering you the best possible experience – and they can’t do that if their concentrates are subpar.

Therefore, if you’re buying from trustworthy sources, you can rest assured your product will be nothing short of amazing.

To find trustworthy sources, do a quick Google search, read through the reviews, and examine their licenses and certificates.

It’s lab-tested.

Avoid buying cannabis concentrates that haven’t been lab-tested by third-party testers. Labs will assess the cannabinoid profile of the concentrate, checking the quality of the strain, and they’ll test for any potential contaminants (heavy metals, harsh chemicals, mold, bacteria, and the like).

Lab-tested products will always come with a certificate, and vendors will give you easy access to the lab results.

Lab testing can be expensive, so few shady dispensaries will ever invest in it.

It comes in high-quality packaging.

Although you shouldn’t judge a book by its covers, you should judge a cannabis concentrate by its packaging.

High-quality, legal concentrates need to come in child-proof packaging and contain detailed information regarding the ingredients and contents. Furthermore, you should see clear dosing instructions printed on the packaging.

The best vendors will usually include a QR code somewhere on the packaging that will take you directly to the lab results of your particular batch.

It’s priced appropriately.

Stay away from cannabis concentrates that seem too good to be true. If they’re too cheap, they’re rarely high-quality.

Reputable vendors invest a lot of money into sourcing only high-quality products, lab-testing, packaging, obtaining necessary licenses and registrations, and more. All these costs have an impact on the final price of the concentrates.

If you want to save some cash, buy concentrates during sales and discounts or purchase larger quantities at a time.

Users love it.

User reviews will tell you everything you need to know about the quality of the cannabis concentrates. Check out the reviews directly on the vendor’s site, see whether there are any detailed brand reviews in popular cannabis magazines, look through social media comments, and even check out sites like Reddit.

If most users seem to love a vendor’s cannabis concentrates, you can buy with confidence.

Final Thoughts

Although more shady cannabis sites exist than most users would like, finding high-quality products from reputable vendors is relatively easy. Just do a bit of research and make an informed decision when you’re buying.


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