How to choose a best vaporizer?

How to choose a best vaporizer?

People who are fond of vaping marijuana knows that how difficult it is for them to choose the best vaporizer. Market provides and facilitates the people with variety of vapes and sometimes it gets too difficult for the consumer to choose a vaporizer that would fulfill their need. If you are looking for best vaporizer according to your desire, this article will help you to choose the best vaporizer according to your demand.

Different company’s vapes have distinct feature from each other, but all of them have a common feature that they converts dry herbs and oils into delicious clouds and vapor. In this article, every vape will be defined explicitly with its pros and cons. All you need to do is to match your desires with their specification. This comprehensive look will give the insights of the product and will makes you to buy it lately.

Tips to Choose Best Vaporizers

Separate Out the Luxuries From Necessities

Vapes are obtainable in myriad of features, shapes, and styles, thus compelling you to cogitate about the choice for hours. The trick for faster decision is to first look into your necessities, and the luxuries you seek and draw lines between them. Makes sure the necessities are addressed first, whereas the rest comes later.

Conceive A Budget Plan

It would be immensely helpful to devise a budget beforehand for a clearer picture. Knowing how much you intend to invest allows you to slim down your wish list. If you can spend more, you can simply move towards the higher end of price spectrum and choose accordingly.

Through Comparative Analysis

Comparatively analyze the quality, design, and features that hold paramount of importance — battery, controls, and of course variable heat settings. Also, don’t forget to scrutinize the customer testimonials, which are your guiding light to buy the best vaporizer.

Here is a list of six famous vapes with their feature:

  1. KHAN
  3. PAX 3
  4. MIVA-2
  6. K—VAPE pro black vaporizer

  KHAN vaporizer

Khan vaporizer is a dry herb vaporizer. It has adjustable heating settings. It has small LED and one firing button that let you to select the ideal temperature. The mouth piece of the vaporizer is made up all-Pyrex glass. The LED gets green and the product vibrates once it get ready for vaping.


  • Great vapor production
  • 3-4 minutes heating time.
  • 16 hours battery life
  • Material of the product is excellent


  • Single control button may lead to confusion while choosing the temperature.


KANDYPENS OURA vaporizer is a unique in terms of its distinct structure. The main water sits on the battery section. Oura uses a ceramic heating bowl. There are four temperature preset settings ranging from 620F to 1090F. 

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  • It has a long battery life.
  • It gets ready for vaping within 5 seconds
  • Material is quite lightweight and is made of zinc alloy build.
  • Four temperatures preset settings


  • Glass piece is fragile and lightweight, therefore it is important to pick it with light easy hands.


Pax-3 vaporizer have notable features that makes it unique from other vaporizers. It has four preset heat temperatures. You can connect the device with your smartphone as it features Bluetooth option.


  • 8 hours battery life
  • Gets heat up within 22 seconds
  • Bluetooth compatible for customize settings
  • Portable
  • Dual use vaporizer, can be used for herbs and waxes


  • Chips get finish easily


MIVA 2 vaporizer is manufactured by KANDYPENS Company, it is an upgrade version of MIVA weed vaporizer. It has a small LED screen that lets the users to choose the temperature. Temperature ranges from 300-435degress F.


  • 3 hours battery life
  • Heat up time is 20 seconds
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Portable
  • Easy to load the herbs from the top


  • It gets little hot.


Volcano hybrid vaporizer is an update version of weed vaporizer from GERMAN makers Storz and Bickel. This vaporizer is improved from the previous ones in terms of LED control panel.


  • 40 seconds heat up time.
  • Temperature can be adjust easily
  • Vapor quality is excellent


  • It is heavy and noisy
  • Expensive

K—VAPE pro black vaporizer

K—vape pro black vaporizer is a best dry herb vaporizer. It costs under $100, which is quite inexpensive if you look at other similar vapes who have the same specifications. It is a hybrid convection/conduction vape which means it vaporizes the dry herb with direct heat and the flow of superheated air. Because of its hybrid nature it allows the vape to produce large and flavorful clouds.

The structure of K—vape pro has glass mouth and chamber is made up of ceramic herb. These external materials do not affect the dry herbs, which means it provides the pure taste.

Pros of K—VAPE pro black vaporizer

  • Battery has lifetime warranty
  • Mouthpiece does not get heated, as it has a cooling technology.
  • Portable—can be taken to any place.
  • 8 h battery life
  • 4 temperature settings in preset


  • It automatically shut off after 5 minutes.


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