How Technology is Changing Cannabis Growing

How Technology is Changing Cannabis Growing

As cannabis becomes increasingly legal, the demand for it becomes more widespread. As with most things, necessity is the mother of invention, and the cannabis growing industry has proven to be no exception to innovative improvements. Here are just a few pieces of technology being leveraged to improve the growing process. 

DNA Sequencing

One of the major challenges regarding cannabis is that while the use of CBD is allowed and appears to offer some benefits, products containing THC are still widely prohibited. This can pose a problem, since the production process is not regulated by the FDA. According to the FDA, the only approved CBD product is a drug for epilepsy.

DNA sequencing, however, offers an opportunity to manipulate the genetic makeup of the cannabis plant. This could potentially result in plants being altered to not contain any THC at all. Being able to identify and extract the genes that create the desired derivatives is an important part of the process. Doing this to recreate the derivatives without having to grow the plant is another potential implication of successful DNA sequencing.

LED Lights

LED lights have proven instrumental in the actual cannabis growth process. These lights offer multiple benefits to growers. According to Lighting and Supplies, LED light bulbs can save up to 80 percent on energy over conventional light bulbs. They can also be used to give growers a heightened level of control over the emitted light. When integrated into programmable systems, they can imitate light at different times of day. This allows cannabis cultivators to customize the available light to the specific needs of the plant.

Input Based Controls

For years, input-based controls have been used in greenhouses. Now, that trend is making its way into the cannabis growing industry. Input based controls allow growers to create a growing environment customized to the needs of the plant without having to put as much personal effort into it. Put simply, it allows for a more hands-off approach. This can help growers produce a more reliable, consistent product that is of higher quality. This is because they have the chance to grow in the ideal environment. As technology continues to improve and develop, future growth may become an entirely software-based system.

As demand grows, technology becomes increasingly important in the growing process of producing cannabis. DNA sequencing, LED lights, and input based controls are all being used to improve how cannabis is grown and the quality of the end result. One thing is for certain: technology’s involvement in the growth of cannabis is here to stay.

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