How Florida Medical Marijuana Is Forging Ahead (Without Legislatures)

How Florida Medical Marijuana Is Forging Ahead (Without Legislatures)

Last year Floridians voted to have medical marijuana in their state. And what’s happened since? Nothing.

Florida legislature failed to come up with a deal on how they would approach medical marijuana in the state, stalling any action and causing many Floridians to wonder when a measure they voted for is going to be put into effect.

Well, it seem their new tactic is to ignore the legislature entirely. The Florida Department of Health has put out a notice that it will forge a plan without legislative input. Why? Because there were deadlines in the amendment that needed to be met, and they’ve decided they will not be the group that holds them up.

Is this legal, or easy? Well, it’s certainly not typical, but the department has sworn to use whatever executive action it can to keep the ball rolling. They view what the legislature is doing is an affront to what the people voted for. They are determined to bring medical marijuana to the state.

In addition, the Florida Department of Health needs to give out more licenses for growing medical marijuana, which will play a role in what kinds of rules they decide to set-up for the system. As of right now, the state legislature has not issued an official response, but one is likely to come soon as both groups begin warring about how best to move the ball forward.

We’re happy to see this kind of initiative in getting medical marijuana implemented in the state, and hopefully their measure will solve the problem sooner.


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