How are Delta 8 buds beneficial to those with Insomnia?

How are Delta 8 buds beneficial to those with Insomnia?

Insomnia is quite a complex condition to deal with. The very fact you’re reading this article indicates that you’ve tried your hand at various solutions to combat your insomnia but to no avail.

Insomnia is not just a common condition that can be addressed with lifestyle changes. True that dietary and lifestyle habits, like sleeping patterns and stress levels, influence one’s insomnia, but the actual treatment needs to be carried out at the root level. Sleep medications and tranquilizers may sometimes not give you the desired result.

Cannabis is one of the most sought-after natural substances to promote sleep organically. Cannabis contains two major components – CBD and THC that help in dealing with sleep issues. Of these, THC is the more psychoactive component that induces intoxication upon consumption.

Let’s delve more into the sub-components of Delta-8 THC buds here and understand how they work.

Understanding Delta-8 THC buds:

As mentioned before, THC is the ingredient in cannabis that is responsible for inducing a tranquilizing and intoxicating effect. Whenever people refer to THC, they’re generally speaking about Delta – 9, the most active and abundant component of THC.

Delta – 8 is still the better form of THC for various health compatible reasons. Of these, Delta – 8 THC is one of the most potent ingredients in inducing calming effects. It engages with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the human body, thereby producing relaxation.

It also promotes appetite, combats anxiety, addresses hangovers, and decreases nausea, in addition to helping one calm down enough to go to sleep. Within THC, too, multiple strains govern the type of hemp or cannabis it is part of. Such strains include THC-a, Delta 9 THC, Delta 8 THC, THCP, THCV, etc.

As compared to Delta – 9, Delta – 8 is not as popular and occurs in sparing quantities in CBD and hemp. However, it also has multiple other health advantages along with its tranquilizing effects.

Naturally occurring Delta – 8 THC is not easily accessible. However, with the advent of advanced processes, Delta – 9 THC can be modified to Delta – 8 THC while also imparting the health benefits of the latter.

A study conducted in 1995 showed that Delta – 8 THC reduces nausea without inducing any other significant side effects. None of the participants subjected to Delta – 8 THC displayed any ill-effects of the same in this study.

How does Delta – 8 THC help with insomnia?

Like any other cannabinoid compound, even Delta – 8 has similar effects on the mind and body, which naturally alter our circadian rhythms. Delta – 8 is a THC, so it gets you intoxicated and shows up on a drug test.

As per the National Cancer Institute, NCI, Delta – 8 does not induce all psychoactive effects like Delta – 9 when consumed in low doses. However, it does lead to multiple health benefits, for instance, combating insomnia. Users report experiencing a soothing, anti-anxiety effect upon consuming Delta – 8. It can be consumed directly or in a vape cartridge.

Studies show that Delta – 8 buds slow down mental activity and alleviate the senses to help the individual to fall asleep gradually. It slows down the heart rate, breathing rate, and thought process of the individual to help them ease into sleep at once.  

This helps the person fall asleep faster, stay asleep for longer, and wake up well-rested, thereby function optimally for the rest of the day. Delta -9, on the other hand, is known for generating a sinking, body-numbing feeling that leaves one heavy-headed and sluggish instead of energetic and light.

Delta – 8 is hardly addictive, but the body can become accustomed to it very easily. When that happens, the beneficial effects of Delta – 8 start becoming less prominent. The best way is to use Delta – 8 on and off for a couple of weeks and taking breaks to keep the effects beneficial.

Should you consume Delta – 8 buds to tackle insomnia?

In case you have insomnia, Delta – 8 is your best bet. It is the perfect combination of giving a high and inducing sleep to help combat insomnia. In other words, Delta – 8 is just the proper culmination between pure THC and CBD, striking the exact balance between experiencing a relaxing feeling and staying fresh and energetic under all circumstances. 

A healthy dose of Delta – 8 has the potential to alleviate hangovers, headaches, fatigue, nausea, muscle aches, and anxiety. It also regulates blood pressure, improves appetite, reduces inflammation, and helps synchronize all other systems in the body.

Summing it up:

Practically speaking, Delta – 8 THC is marginally present in the cannabis flower bud; its content is approximately 1%. Therefore, the process of extraction, isolation, and conversion of this component from dried cannabis flower is quite long.

Research is being carried out to naturally increase Delta – 8 in the cannabis flower for better extraction and usage. One of the current ways of doing this is to spray the cannabis flower with concentrated Delta -8. However, it can still not match the level of naturally occurring Delta – 9 THC in the cannabis flower. 

Currently, Delta – 8 is legal and safe to use. General practitioners prescribe it for medicinal purposes to help individuals get back on track with their regular lifestyle.

Both research studies and user experiences have backed the health benefits of consuming Delta – 8 buds in controlled doses. All pieces of evidence state that Delta – 8 is the best choice for naturally inducing insomnia without causing any hazardous effects to the body whatsoever. It, instead, promotes a healthy state of mind and body with regular use. The only precaution one must take is to use Delta-8 in regulated doses and try to take breaks in between so that they don’t get addicted or become immune to its benefits.


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