How do you find out your government representative’s stance on Medical Marijuana?

bigstock-144087029Elections have just passed in the U.S., and now many citizens are struggling to find out how their new state representatives feel about the legalization of medical marijuana. Whether you voted for the winner or not, if you have an interest in Medical Marijuana, then finding out what your politician’s stance on this is important.

But how do you do it?

Most politicians do not list their opinions on medical marijuana as one of their top platforms, so for some you may need to do a little digging. One of the easiest resources for this is the Medical Marijuana Policy Project which does a great job of trying to look at national and local representatives to find out their opinions on its legalization.

Though much of the site’s information is from pre-election, there is a fantastic state-by-state map that you can use to see current laws, soon to be changing portions of them, and other useful information. It’s a good site to check every once in a while to see how the tide is turning in your state, or with your politicians. The site also shows how you can take action and reach out to your politicians and state legislatures if you disagree with their stances.

Another good resource is the office of National Drug Control Policy. While it provides much of the same information, it focuses far more heavily on the national government, which is an area that will undergo some dramatic changes in the coming months. Look for this to be updated within a few weeks of Trump’s appointment.

As we find more great sources of information on local and national politicians, we will continue to let you know about them so that you can remain an informed, engaged citizen


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