Federal representatives explain marijuana raids


October 18, 2011 12:37 AM
Jenica Villamor/KTVL.com

MEDFORD, Ore.—The former U.S Attorney General says local growers broke state and federal laws.

The former Attorney General says a significant amount of marijuana is being trafficked out of state and into the black market. He says a large amount of weed is grown in Southern Oregon and federal agents are watching over the area.

Insiders say growers are providing medicine then selling excess weed, making thousands of extra dollars per patient.

However, local growers who have been affected by the raid say federal agents are after the wrong people.

“The patients come first we’re not trying to make money off them,” grower Anthony Machado said.

Machado’s Central Point garden was raided a couple of weeks ago. He says he does not have more medicine than his patients need, claiming that he grew under the legal state limit.

“We dispose of the excess. We burn it,” he said.

Medical Marijuana is legal in Oregon, but against federal law. Some state leaders say federal agents are over stepping their boundaries.

“I do have a problem because I think the feds are using their power because they can and sticking their nose in the state’s issue,” said State Representative Dennis Richardson.

Richardson says recent raids are due to an unclear law. He says growers are allowed to grow too much weed, encouraging people to sell extra weed.

“We need to revamp the law so that marijuana is restricted to those who suffer from a medical condition that proves to be beneficial from using marijuana,” he said.

The former Attorney General says agents will be monitoring the situation in Oregon. However, growers say they are not giving up.

Southern Oregon Normal is planning a rally on Wednesday. Medical Marijuana supporters will meet at the 6th street office at noon.




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