Granny Green

November 9, 2011

Medical Cannabis and Traumatic Brain Injury: Whole Plant Therapy Restores a Life

Debbie Wilson was disabled 22 years ago when the 16-year-old driver of a pick-up truck knocked her down and backed over her at a Kentucky Fried Chicken.
May 25, 2011

Marijuana and Schedule 1… Oh the Hypocrisy

Ask anyone who has a pulse on the medical marijuana debate why marijuana is a Schedule One drug and you will probably find their answer something you would not repeat to your mother.
May 24, 2011

Marijuana and the early legal battle

Did you know that previous to 1914, marijuana, cocaine, heroin and opiates were legal and many people consumed them? And that you were not considered an outcast if you used them...
May 17, 2011

South Carolina the first Medical Marijuana state?

A long forgotten and never applied law was signed by South Carolina Governor, Richard W. Riley on 2/28/1980.. So why aren't patients getting this option?
May 14, 2011

Granny Green’s Etymology of Cannabis Sativa

A plant by any other name… is just a plant! So what about this plant called Cannabis Sativa.
May 14, 2011

Delaware Gov. Jack Markell signs law allowing medical marijuana

Regulatory, licensing process begins for three dispensaries.
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