Fat Larry

June 2, 2011

Life and a box of Cake Mix

Fat Larry tries a new approach to Cooking with Marijuana! Out of the box medical marijuana recipes!
June 2, 2011

Post Holiday Dribble…

Fat Larry shares his commentary after the Memorial Day Holiday. Join him and check out the landscape...
June 2, 2011

Fat Larry shares with us his method of making his stash stretch for an entire month

We all wish we had all the marijuana we could dream of, but reality hits most in the face when it comes to what we can afford. Learn from the master of Cooking with Marijuana, Fat Larry, how to make your stash last longer and provide the medicine you need to live a long and healthy life!
May 31, 2011

Mexican Cooking with Medical Marijuana Fat Larry Style

We all have our favorite Mexican Food Restaurant, and dish. How about combining your love for Mexican food and your love for cooking with Marijuana?! My favorite Mexican restaurant of all time is Lindo Michoacan in Vegas... What's yours?
May 26, 2011

Last but not least… Grilled Shrimp & Marijuana Chile Rellenos with Medical Marijuana Tomato Sauce

Just in time for Memorial Day, Fat Larry shares with us the last of his Grillin' and Chillin' recipes. Make your day even more 'memorable' with medical marijuana recipes.
May 24, 2011

Phat Birdhouses… and lazy days

Medical Marijuana patient, Fat Larry, shares with you his other medicine...
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