Cathy Paget

July 12, 2017

Florida 2017A Medical Marijuana Legislation Passed – No more 90 day Waiting Period

Finally the Amendment we have all been waiting for in Florida is finally here, and here is the breakdown: First the Office of Compassionate Use has been renamed to The Office of Medical Marijuana Use and the registry has also changed its name to the medical marijuana use registry. Medical […]
July 12, 2017

Women in Medical Marijuana Industry

Medical Marijuana is becoming the leading industry in which women are taking hold for the long run. The passion behind an alternative way of medicine is transforming from hope to money for many women. Many jobs are being held by women including but not limited to: Marketing Marijuana Executives, Medical Marijuana Doctors, Medical Marijuana Clinic, Scientists, Medical Marijuana Lawyers, Medical Marijuana Advocates, Medical Marijuana Website Bloggers, Marijuana Garden Caretakers, Dispensary Owners, Budtenders, Marijuana Farm Owners, Marijuana Edible Bakers, and more…
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