Bill Hembree

February 19, 2014

Georgia Getting Closer to Medical Marijuana

Will Georgia Pass Medical Marijuana into Legislation in November, 2014
January 31, 2014


ComfyTree educates prospective industry entrants on specialized topics like the process of acquiring a medical marijuana dispensary, patient card, cultivation center and more.
January 19, 2014

Florida Medical Marijuana Initiative Makes the State Ballot

Welcoming news for seriously ill patients in Florida: The Florida Supreme Court declared the medical marijuana constitutional initiative fit for November’s ballot! If passed, this initiative will allow individuals with debilitating conditions to use marijuana if their doctor recommends it. Since this initiative would amend the state’s constitution, it needs […]
January 9, 2013

MMJ Credit Card Processor

Credit Card Processing for the emerging marijuana markets, sign up now!
December 14, 2012

I-502 Passed; Now What?

On November 6, 2012, Washington voters passed I-502 that legalized cannabis for recreational use. How does this passage affect you and your cannabis business?
December 11, 2012

Medical Marijuana Doctors in Massachusetts, as of December 10, 2012

Boston Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Doctors Open for Business
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