Women in Medical Marijuana Industry

Medical Marijuana is becoming the leading industry in which women are taking hold for the long run. The passion behind an alternative way of medicine is transforming from hope to money for many women. Many jobs are being held by women including but not limited to: Marketing Marijuana Executives, Medical Marijuana Doctors, Medical Marijuana Clinic, Scientists, Medical Marijuana Lawyers, Medical Marijuana Advocates, Medical Marijuana Website Bloggers, Marijuana Garden Caretakers, Dispensary Owners, Budtenders, Marijuana Farm Owners, Marijuana Edible Bakers, and more…

This is the time to get involved in the Medical Marijuana Industry to find endless opportunities for women. There are online job boards that are constantly hiring, make sure that you are prepared when you apply. In the Medical Marijuana industry when you are working for a dispensary for example, there will be a requirement to pass a background check and to get fingerprinted. You would also have to pass a 5 hour course. There are different prerequisites for all the jobs but always keep in mind that the State is going to be involved.

Another avenue to get involved in the Marijuana Industry would be to go into business for yourself. This can be very tricky depending in the state, county, and city that you live in. Since they will all have different regulations. There are also certain certifications that you will need to have to satisfy the State and a certain amount of insurance that you might need to carry as well.

Every state has a varying degrees of laws and amendments when it comes to Medical Marijuana, and you will see a lot many more changes before it’s completely legal throughout all of the United States. Make sure you are always aware and informed.

Currently in Florida many women are hitting the ground and running by creating business that can cater to the industry. Medical Marijuana Doctor Offices are opening and are being led by women throughout the state. Medical Marijuana Attorneys, Doctors, and advocates are also being joined in the ranks by women here in South Florida. I recently visited a Medical Marijuana Doctors Office where the Doctor worked for the owner. She is a woman.

The most recent I have seen are the Baked Goods and Edibles being created for people which contain no THC but they do contain CBD. I met with CBD – Cured Bomb Desserts and the ladies there have a great facility that all started with a need. The need for a healthier living, their idea was to use the CBD from the plant which can be used in edibles made in the USA, locally here in South Florida. There innovate ideas are putting them in the forefront of CBD products in South Florida.

There are Women Marketing gurus all over South Florida as well advocating for the use of Medical Marijuana for everyone creating non-profit groups geared towards the industry. There are organizers of Marijuana Events, parades, and meetups. Not to mention our partners in radio and television rooting us on.
Watch and see what these ladies do next!

Cathy Paget is a Medical Marijuana Advocate, engaged in current events and active topics, working towards a greener earth and a healthier happier longer life. You can reach Cathy at: https://www.gehealthmedical.com/


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