Why Veganics

Many of the concerns associated with indoor horticulture can be eliminated by a technique known as Veganics, which utilizes plant-based nutrients. Veganic practices are eco-friendly and 100% non-toxic to living things. This campaign is to emphasize a realistic ideal of clean, pure medicine whose production is environmentally friendly and free of any residues.

Veganics enables novice growers to produce greener plants, as well as bigger harvests with more flavor and potency while also shortening growing cycles. It is a living system that relies on a living root-soil food web. Life is brought to the web by using beneficial bacteria, fungi, and enzymes. Veganic plant food is derived solely from plant extracts. After the plant metabolizes all nutrients (micro, macro, and trace), the only residual is complex carbohydrates. This nourishes the beneficial microbe colony, leaving no unnatural contaminants, buildup, or residue in your medicine.

Thanks to living beneficial microbes and fungi, less food is required to perform the same amount of work. Veganic methods will forever end dependence on chemical fertilizers because our methods helps to cultivate a clean, pure, supercharged rhizosphere by cycling organic nutrients and elevating the plant’s natural suppression of diseases. Absent of mineral salt derived nutrients, pH levels are less likely to fluctuate. Optimal cannabis cultivation requires pH levels to be kept between 6.0 and 6.5, although acceptable pH levels range 5.5 to 7.0. Veganics turns your acceptable ph range into your optimal pH range making typical pH monitoring and testing unnecessary. This is because natural plant derived nutrition is 100% bio-available over the entire acceptable pH range. This virtually eliminates the need to adjust pH levels to achieve optimal growth. Our Veganic growing methods produce the highest quality medicine with minimal effort.


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