Transition Stage Feeding


Here’s a tip that will help keep your plants foliage GREEN all the way to harvest. It’s called transition stage feeding. You might have heard of this, or used examples from manufacturers feeding charts.

Transition refers to the changeover from vegetive growth to flowering. It begins when you initiate flowering and typically lasts 1-2 weeks. Transitional feeding should last longer for Sativa’s than Indica’s, as they take longer to complete budset.

In the first weeks of flowering the plant still needs the same levels of Nitrogen because the plant is still vigorously growing new shoots, leaves, and branches. Not flowers, which is the reason it doesn’t require the ratio of a flowering fertilizer until after budset.

For week one of flowering I suggest continuing the exact diet that got you there. In week two I suggest going 50/50, grow and bloom diets. For week three it’s usually discontinue the grow and pump up the bloom. Except for the Strawberry Cough.

When the Strawberry Cough is growing at her most vigorous, I’ve seen indoor colas as big as pineapples, I’ll give her full strength grow up to the 4th week. On top of full strength bloom!

By not depriving your plants of a HIGH NITROGEN diet as soon as you turn the lights out they will grow stronger and heartier. Having a chance to store a little more nitrogen in plant tissue will help them stay green and healthy to the end. Green foliage is the only way plants get the chance to come to full fruition. By still having the ability to photo synthesize during the ripening process.

Then you’ll see FALL COLORS TOO!

This advice can be applied to all nutrient programs.


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