Toasted Coconut Bananas fight Cabin Fever…

Cabin Fever Remedy Medical Marijuana & Fat Larry’s Toasted Coconut Banana Bites

To help make myself feel better and slack off this cabin fever, I like to try putting on some Specials, FTB, Peter Tosh or Playboy W and crank it up a few notches, get into the grove a bit, dance around and raise the blinds in every room to let in all the sunshine that’s available!!  Now your gettin’ hungry from all the dancin’ I know, so try making some Toasted Coconut Bananas for yourself, you deserve it!  So, do I!!  Here goes:

Cooking with Marijuana

As most of my recipes are experimental at first, this little treat I came up with one day while cabin fever had set in to stay.  Helped lift my spirits and cannabis just adds to the flavor and enjoyment !  

There is no real recipe for this treat as that will depend on how many you are making but here goes:

You need some melted green ‘bud’der, a bit of lemon juice, a banana or two or three or more ifin it’s turned into a get together and some shredded coconut.

Heat the oven to 275 degrees.  Toast the coconut in a single layer on a baking sheet to a nice golden brown.  Be careful NOT to inhale the coconut fumes/gas that build up in the oven, when you remove the coconut.

Slice bananas in 1″ or 2″ slices, then roll them in the melted green ‘bud’der and lemon juice mix.  Remove the slices and place on top of the toasted coconut and cover well.  Continue with the next banana and so forth, until all slices have been covered in toasted coconut.  When the ‘bud’der sets the coconut will stick to the nanner’s.

After you have dipped all the bananas, you can pick them up in your hands and lightly squeeze the coconut to the banana, but you will have to lick your fingers if you do its so yummy!

Now  Kick back, crank the tunz up a bit more, and enjoy this snack treat!!  Before you know it, you will be making these treats while Ol Man Winter has slumbered off, and the wild huckleberries start to peek out from under their groundcover, Hot Damn spring is in the air!!! ’bout darn time!!

Keep it phat!!



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