Tee-Pee Technique

This method of stabilizing huge buds is the easiest I’ve found to date. It leaves my plants free to be moved while completely stabilizing it. Plus it wont slow you up much while harvesting.

Green garden tape and bamboo stakes are available at the local nursery. Simply buy the correct size. You want the  stakes a foot taller than the plant. The ones in my photo are 5’. They are cheap. Buy three for each plant.

Tee Pee

Place each stake between the soil and bucket in a like a tripod. Place the stakes in between drain holes at the bottom of the bucket or you’ll create an easy route for water to runoff. Now bring the top of the three stakes in to the center to form the top of the tee-pee. Secure them together with some tape.

Simply tie a strip of garden tape to each branch just below the lowest kola-node. Bring the other end of the tape to the top of the stakes and wrap it around, then tie it off to secure it. Lower branches can be secured to a branch rather than running a strip to the top. Nursery's also sell large twist ties in packs and on rolls which work well for securing lower branches.

Happy Supercropping


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