Pursuit of the Pure and Cannasseur Life

I was introduced to medical Cannabis at an early age when my grandfather went through chemotherapy.  I began cultivating and breeding Cannabis indoors and under the sun while finishing high school.  An internship with the National Park Service introduced me to California, and I knew I had found home. I next advanced my knowledge of Cannabis by studying at an organic farm college in North Carolina. Returning to the west coast I settled in the Seattle area and worked to become a chef, while enjoying my proximity to the Vancouver Cannabis scene.  Finally, back in California, I helped medical Cannabis dispensary patients and handled medical Cannabis at Peace In Medicine, in Sebastopol, CA. I also taught for Oaksterdam University including: Indoor, Outdoor, Propagation, Hash, and Cooking classes. I currently teach free classes at the Cannabis Farmer’s Market hosted by Organicann.

I’ve been working on plant based organic horticulture for years. I spent most of my life as a vegetarian and have been attempting to put my plants on an animal-free diet as well. My garden nutrition has been based around molasses and kelp, but I also relied heavily on slow-release animal products. I’ve always grown for quality of smoke, and since switching my garden to 100% vegan organic nutrition I have been able to step up the quality. Organics is a world above synthetics in terms of smoke quality. Vegan organics is part of organics, but stands out from organics with an even smoother smoke.

I am currently working on fine tuning my vegan organic garden, the learning never stops. Topics I am currently experimenting with and writing about include: advanced bubble hash techniques, carbonizing rice hulls, home-made lacto bacilli cultures, home-made fermented plant extracts, the saponins, water alkalinity, pH swings over time, and Cannabis senescence. My articles are intended for those who enjoy the highest grade Cannabis flowers and concentrates. We are the connoisseurs of the Cannabis world.

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