Pruning leaves

Pruning leaves is not good unless they are yellow, and you should never have yellow leaves unless your your plants are thirsty, which is not good. Pruning entire branches is a good thing, when branches are weak and small and blocking light and air flow. When pruning weak branches, be sure not to cut into the collar, the collar is the "turtleneck" looking thing that couples the branch to the stalk. Keep in mind, all leaves are sugar factories and act like solar panels for the plant.

People tell me all the time, "I remove the big leaves cause they are blocking the light and I have a good harvest." and I tell them (if they are willing to listen) I understand you are happy, but you could do even better if you didn't strip the leaves. Let me show you what I mean this is a pic from my patch, August, 2012, 14' tall, 14' wide, 12 pounds 10 ounces, and we never removed one outer leaf, though we did remove all of the inner branchings that were doing nothing but blocking the air flow within the plant.


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