Post Holiday Dribble…

Lazy daze and mongrels

Felt a bit better, so went for afternoon walk to the other side of the valley, and took these pics looking back towards my home.  As you can see, that ridge ends at a bridge the dogs & I walk to along the river.  Like I said before, I live in a beautiful valley, but the views are better from across the valley.

Since feeling better I wrote down my Medical Marijuana Granola to add to the others I have ready, so be on the lookout for that one soon!

Will do some more Grilllin'' & Chillin' recipe postings soon, too.  I have two different bbq sauce's, bbq pork, muffelleta, black bean relish, ice creams, banana cake, Almond Pot Oat Pie, a kick ass marijuana spicy style mustard dang I forget all that I have ready!  😉

Been trying to figure how to transfer recipes from my 'Big' computer to laptop so I can post them to you too.  The  big one has an 'A' drive and CD, but not a memory card plug-in.  The laptop does not have an 'A' drive and the CD drive wont work so it looks like I have some typing to do….!!

Blind Man taking Photos

Hummin'birds are back now, so will work on a good hummin'bird pic for you all.  some say I'm too critical of my photos.  I have to be with my eyesight, or lack thereof!  A pic I may like and think is good, is actually out of focus and looks like shi*t. so, I have to push for the best I can do and those hummin'birds pic's so far have not been very good.

Cut the washed up plywood for the woodbox cover, found a nice plastic coated tablecloth the campers left behind that will make a nice cover, and be waterproof!  Think I will use a couple old pillows for the padding, so should have that finished tomorrow if not sooner.  Just trying to keep busy when I feel like it, cause I know what's coming before long.

Come on have a seat and sit a spell!Also, I attached what I think was a baby beaver in the backyard, it could be a river otter, but as you can see I was lucky to get the shot I got.I noticed the wierd water circles, so got the camera aimed and ready to see what made the circles.  I've seen both beaver and river otters here in the past, but my eyes were better then!

Can't wait to hear what you think of the view above my home gives ya goosebumps dont it!

Fat Lar's

PS.. Finished sooner than I thought!  Check out my padded woodbox seat!  


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