Medical Marijuana Patient Fat Larry shares with us his ‘other’ medicine!

I’ve shared with you some of my medicines, like marijuana, music, bird/wildlife viewing, and Granny touched on another important one, Photography!  I’ve always loved to take pictures, in fact I’ve been going through several box’s of negatives, and photos that I’ve taken over the years, and most ended up in the fireplace this winter.

When I retired, I was given a new Nikon D-3000, two lens, backpack and tripod, with the instructions to take photos daily, and improve my skills.  It is a challenge, as well it should be, figuring the ‘triangle’ of a good photo can also be stressful, especially when you are going blind!  Adjust the ISO, adjust the shutter speed, then the aperture by then the bird has flown, the wolf has blended into the surroundings, the smile has turned to a frown.

With digital photography it is easier and less expensive.  I couldn’t do it if I had the old 35mm camera, too expensive.  With digital I can take 100 pictures, then plug the camera into this laptop and look at my photos, out of the 100 photos, if I can find one I like, it was worth it

I have two older brothers who are better photographers than I, with better eyes, so if I keep one I like I share it proudly usually I’m told it is out of focus, I focused on the wrong object, the shutter speed was too slow/fast, aperture was too narrow, lighting is all off so I take more pictures, trying to remember their suggestions.  It helps me to become the photographer I always wanted to be. It’s my free Photography Class, where I can learn fromthose who are better than I am, and all I have to do is send a photo, and listen to their advice.

With digital it would be easy to set it on AUTOMATIC and let the camera do the work, but then what am I learning about photography?  And, when I did try that trick, I found out that you can check and see if it was me or the camera who did the work, just by looking at each pictures digital properties, that tells you everything, date, time, shutter speed, aperture, ISO, or if it was set on AUTO.  So, I can’t cheat, and why would I want to anyway, I want to be a good photographer someday!

Granny says I’m too critical of my work, I feel I have to, it’s a learning experience, and I’m starting at the wrong end of the stick.  So, it’s a constant challenge to improve.  I’ve sold many photos over the years, some were taken with the old box style KODAK with the 126 film cartridge, believe it or not.  It was easier then, point at what caught my eye, and click.  Now, it’s much more complicated, because with a better camera and equipment, I must improve my skills while learning the camera.  I try, I try everyday.
So, I use photography as a medicine for the brain!  I can medicate my body with marijuana, but I must medicate my brain with music, photography, playing chess with the computer, or doing what I’m doing here sharing recipes and stories.   I told Granny I’d share a few of my favorite pics taken this past year, I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them!  It’s all medicine to me, and I must use it all to stay healthy, MM,music, birds, photography, and humor!  How could I almost forget that one???  Hee Hee Hee

Keep it phat, and don’t forget to medicate!

Fat Lar’s


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