Last but not least… Grilled Shrimp & Marijuana Chile Rellenos with Medical Marijuana Tomato Sauce

“Let’s go Lisco, get on with some mo’ Grillin’ & Chillin’ Medical Marijuana Recipes!”

I hear ya, loud an clear!  Here is one I’ve been teasing Granny Green with for weeks now.  It looks complicated, but is not.  It can be made in stages also, meaning you can make the shrimp filling ahead of time, finishing the sauce grillside while the rellenos are grillin’.  Or, just have everything diced and ready to go, when the people gather, put on your show!  I made these one Sunday Brunch for some friends who are also patients, and they still try and get me over to do it again for their friends!  When I do I’ll try and remember to take pictures for ya.  Ready or not, here goes:

Grilled Shrimp & Marijuana Chile Rellenos with MM Tomato Sauce

I)     8 large fresh mild green chiles or poblano peppers
II)    2 oz marijuana olive oil
       1/2 teaspoon Fat Larry’s Powdered Fire (recipe follows MM Tomato Sauce recipe)
       1/2 cup small diced green onion
       1/4 cup small diced red bell pepper
       1/4 cup small diced green bell pepper
       1/4 cup marijuana shake
       3 cloves fresh garlic crushed and diced
III)  1 LB small shrimp
IV)  1 bottle Jackamo or Turbo Dog Beer (Abita Brewery, Abita Springs, LA)
V)   Sliced PepperJack Cheese
A.   Place whole peppers on grill until skin blisters (2-3 minutes), make a knife slice lengthwise down pepper about 2/3rds of way, seed and scrape inside of the peppers.
B.   Heat oil of step II, add rest of step II to hot oil and saute while shaking pan back and forth, side to side, for 5 minutes.
C.   Add step III, saute another 3 minutes shaking pan.
D.   Spoon shrimp and mixture into the seeded peppers; then continue to reduce the liquid in pan with 1/2 bottle of beer in step IV.
E.   Adjust seasoning and spoon a tablespoon of the liquid over each shrimp filled Chile Rellenos (saving the remainder to complete following tomato sauce), cover with sliced pepperjack cheese.
F.   Add shrimp stuffed peppers to grill and cook until pepper is blistered on bottom of pepper and cheese has melted (3-5 minutes).
G.  Float on top of MM Tomato Sauce, recipe follows:

Medical Marijuana Tomato Sauce

I)    2 tablespoons marijuana olive oil
      1/2 teaspoon fresh ground cumin
      1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
      1/3 cup of marijuana shake
      1 clove fresh garlic crushed and diced
      2 large peeled and seeded tomato’s diced
II)   1 cup of leftover sauce mixture from shrimp (including onion & peppers)

A)    In sauce pan heat oil, then saute garlic and marijuana for two minutes, add diced tomato and saute another two minutes, shaking pan from side to side, back and forth.
B)   Add step II and simmer 10-15 minutes until a sauce has developed, correct seasoning.
C)   Spoon tomato sauce onto plate, float chile rellenos on top of sauce.

Fat Larry’s Powdered Fire

Tablespoon of each:  red pepper, black pepper, white pepper, granulated garlic, sea salt. 
1/2 Tablespoon of each: dried thyme, dried oregano, dried marijuana buds crushed.

Mix all ingredients, and store in shaker bottle. 
(Use a little for flavor, use a lot for HOT!)

Let me know how you like these treats hot off the grill!

Keep it phat!

Fat Larry

PS:  Trying not to make things seam too complicated, I left out one step that I always do, and that is if you use shrimp with shell on, peel the shells, and simmer them with 1/2 bottle of Jackamo for 15 minutes.  Strain and use the liquid as step IV of the relleno recipe.  There is allot of flavor in those shells, never throw them away! (Sometime when you have shrimp shells, simmer them with a bottle of Jackamo, and a pinch of Fat Larry’s Powdered Fire, strain, and pour the liquid into ice cube trays, freeze.  Then put the frozen ‘shrimp flavor cubes’ in a Ziplock bag, use one whenever you need some flavor!)

PS#2:  Hey Granny Green how does MM cheese enchiladas, with homemade marijuana corn tortillas sound?  Thirty years ago I used to make this dish for rock & roll bands that played the Hotel I chef’d at, that is ifin they were any good they got invited out to Fat Larry’s house in the country for homemade Mexican food made with marijuana.  Needless to say when Chef Fat walked into the room, those bands kicked it hard to get their invite!

PS#3:  Or, maybe a big phat Fat Larry’s New Orleans Style Marijuana Muffuletta on hot out of the oven fresh baked Marijuana Bread?  Oh my, I just made drool on myself salivating over having one of these about now!


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